Looks Like the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur might Be Unobtainable In 9.0.1

Huh… I mean, I don’t really care about losing the chance to get this mount personally, because I will never have 5 million gold at one time I’m certain and I also rarely go for huge gold sinks like this in games anyway

However, even for someone like me, I really have to ask, why remove it? It seems like a decision that can’t really have a reason that a large part of the community would be able to accept.


^This. So much this.

There is NO REASON to remove this mount from the vendor. If they put in other brutosaur mounts that don’t have the vendors (and priced them accordingly), I could accept the removal of this one. I know many folks bought it just for the AH perk, but I think I’m not the only player who would be less disappointed with the removal if some kind of replacement brutosaur were available.


At this point, I’m starting to suspect a gold squish to match the expansion squish. Since they are making all pre-SL zones 10-50, the gold value in each chronological expansion must drop to accommodate this change.

Does that make this Brutosaur removal okay?
No! They could easily squish all gold in the game and still inflate the Brutosaur (and other gold dump mounts) to a comparative value that meets the new gold standard.


About the time they introduced the Action Camera setting, they reduced the maximum zoom out distance and changed something about the anchor point so there was a lot more sharp swings with collisions. The changes were enough to make some people motion sick.

That’s very good to hear.

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Still not happy with this choice on Blizzard’s part.


They expanded on this recently. Not only is the mount not available post 9.0 launch but the AH vendor will be removed from the existing mount and replaced with a personal barber NPC.

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The source?


I am personally very annoyed at the removal of this mount. I think it is an awful decision to do so, especially after there is zero precedent with similar gold sink mounts. MANY players have purchased other things (including myself), such as the 2 million gold spider mount, with the assumption that this would be around later on to get as long as we kept plugging away and making gold. For those of us that do not play the auction house all day or have multiple hours on end to sit around and mindlessly farm gold, it is a slap in the face. Also, telling us that this mount IS FOR those people who do those things, is a terrible explanation, especially when you claim (and very clearly shouldn’t want) the auction house controlled by a small group of farmers. I really hope you reverse course on this. I very, very rarely post on the forums (maybe 2-3 times in 15 years?), but I absolutely had to say something about this. This mount is an insanely huge quality of life upgrade, and to simply remove it on such short notice (yes on short notice, even if you gave us a year from today, people starting from scratch would have to farm almost 14,000 gold PER DAY) quite frankly is a terrible choice.



(By the way, forum team, this is WoW. Our characters tend to be blue, green, purple (lots of purple), light-blue, brown, black… I get the emojis are usually yellow, and several human skin tones, but there are more non-humans than humans in this game, add some “realistic” emoji colours)


All engineers have mobile mails, you can do a quest in Dalaran (Legion) to get a mobile mail toy for your whole account, and you can grind the Argent Tournament like a madman to buy the saddle for your Tournament Squire pet so it can also officiate as a mailbox in that character. Basically, I have 3 mobile mails on this character, and another three in my Nightborne mage (because I’m not farming the tournament again, or she’d have 4).

What once was a rare occurrence (with Orgrimmar having the one mailbox with a Tauren on a kodo, and then on a mammoth sitting on top of it, which wasn’t fixed until the Cata revamp, while it was way too easy for them to drop 3 or 4 mailboxes here and there) is now an easily-accessible commodity.

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Blizzard hasn’t said anything about the mount beyond what little they’ve said in this thread.


heh the good old “i heard it from a friend, who heard it from a friend, who heard it from a trusted source” :upside_down_face:


And now we can say “I read it in the forums from a guy who heard it from a friend, who had heard it from a friend, who had heard it from a trusted source”

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Seems legit!

The only compromise I could understand, and I still find the removal of the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur unacceptable, is if you offered a multi-seat Brutosaur mount in it’s place without the vendor/AH and for a far lesser sum of gold, about 1 million MAX. Similar to how the Mammoth was treated in Wrath of the Lich King. That way, people can still get a cool Brutosaur mount. Do I still want the original Mighty Caravan Brutosaur to be available for 5 million gold? Yes. I do, for several reasons I’ve already gone over and countless others have reinforced as well. But if you insist on taking it away, give me a cheaper recolor without the vendors and, while that won’t make it right, will make it more palatable.


Sadists mostly.


Gotta boost them quarterlies!


I can guarantee I didn’t have it before but now I do lol It’s funny it has the same effect as getting flying where I constantly forget that I have it now and don’t have to go back to a city anymore to go to the AH.

That I would like to see lol

First of all, no source to a non-existant statement. Trying to upset people is trolling my dude.

Second, a barber npc wouldnt work because every “barber npc” is a chair you click on that is positioned in just the right place as not to obscure yourself. Not to mention when you sit in a barber chair you phase out of the area and people can not see you until you leave the chair and you can not see them either.

So mechanically that creates multiple problems because of how the barber is set.

Its not the same as switching a reforging NPC with a Transmog NPC which all your interactions are done in a window. Barber is much more involved and they wouldnt re-write how the barber works for just a single mount.

So please, stop trolling.