LookingForGroup Channel

The LookingForGroup on Ashkandi has been getting out of hand. The player base is not reporting the players that are causing miss use of the channel.

Download badboy filter the stuff that should not be in it and tell it to auto report. Not only instantly fixes the channel for yourself the reports helps fix it for others.

Enough on your realm dose it you trigger the auto mod on people that are posting what should not be there quite quickly.

As a note gdkp can post in lfg so long as they are looking for anything for the run if there only looking for buyers it must be restricted to trade as per current rules so I filter gdkp plus buyers minus Carry’s on myn which will let by those asking for Carrie’s but block those missing that word but asking for buyers.


the fact i have to download something to do the Job of someone i pay to do it is sad…


If people are not reporting, is it really bad? Might be a you issue

i agree it could just be a me thing but talking about Sex and other mature content is not ok in this game… for global chat as Blizzard has stated time and time again so is it just a me thing i guess we should just talk about what ever - hell lets make it where we can post Pics too and Blizzard can charge per post…

Online experience may vary.

Sounds like the types of socializations blizzard is striving for in Wrath. By removing RDF/LFD people will have to spam LFM NEED TANK over and over until they get fed up and start talking about other stuff instead of just queueing up for the dungeon they want and then go about playing the game.


They are just socializing to uphold the blizzard pillars that caused RDF to be removed!


GDKP is one of the core social pillars Blizzard promotes!


Imagine if there was some kind of “Finder” that could put you in a random “Dungeon”. Maybe that will come out next expansion? Sounds like a great idea. Oh well, back to reading terminally online people repeat their political talking points at each other in chat with hopes of finding a group after a few hours.


The people want RDF. Most would probably settle if the finder was actually as useful tool instead of a steaming pile of bull. If you cant deliver on a quality finder then put in RDF. Not let everyone deal with a horrible situation until you figure it out.

Players not reporting is not something you pay anyone to address. It is not in blizzards job discription to make people report stuff they dislike.

It is also not there job to fix what is not reported which is exactly what the op is complaining about the lack of people reporting. It is there job to enforce rules but it is not there job to find every single violation that would be a impossible task.

You don’t have to download anything you can download the fox if you wish to have that fix and auto mate YOUR job which is reporting things in game you dislike that go adverse to the rules. Blizzard is doing there job by taking action on those reports I have got quite a few mails saying that which happens after action is taken on a report you made. This is no different than how the police force in the real world dosent catch every crime they go after those that are reported based on priority and number of reports is a factor to priority.

So you can either live with it and manually have to report every case which also cleans up the chat and is YOUR job or you can get a addon to do it for you that blizzard in fact did there job by allowing you to have that customization option.

To the point they even allow you to filter without reporting anything you don’t want to see to entirely set chat rules yourself. As such anyone that complains about what’s in chat really has no leg to stand on and anything you don’t want in there is within your power to remove.

But do keep complaining about what is something you vary much should have the option to do and is exactly how it should be. Blizzard should not be automodding what people say in chats further than they already do which would be the only way to take action without reports in a reasonable way. As that causes way more issues than the current.

i now find my self reporting players not using the LookingForGroup channel properly more then i find my self playing the game…i dont belive i should have to be forced to do report spam this much to get Zero help from the GM’s

as for the addon it has not stop or slowed down the messages