Looking to transfer

Hello all!

I find myself on a totally dead realm and I am sick of playing alone and dealing with terrible pugs. I have heard really good things about Proudmore, and I’m considering transferring/leveling here. Overall, what does everyone think about Proudmoore? Is it a good realm? I’m looking for a mainly social guild that does raids, m+ and other guild activities!


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I totally feel you, playing alone is NO fun! Personally, I love Proudmoore, I mean, yes there are trolls in trade chat… but mainly everyone is nice… just watch out for Manapaws! :stuck_out_tongue: J/K!

Sorry, clears throat I forget to introduce myself! My name is Ming, I’m the recruitment officer, and a social coordinator for “The Anti Drama Society” here on Proudmoore.

Here in TADS we do a bit of everything, and a tad more! :slight_smile: I’m going to link my forum spam to you, … I realize I don’t have Mythic+ listed-- OOPS!-- We do do them though!

The spam:

If you have and questions or comments or just want to talk about Proudmoore; please don’t hesitate to message me at:
B.TAG: boxcarbinny#11348
DISC: boxcarbinny#0033

Hope to hear from you soon!
<3 / Ming

Hello there sir or maam

Are you interested in joining a multi gaming community that plays more then World of Warcraft? Offers much more then just come on and PvE or PvP types of gaming? Looking for lots of different members over lots of different games?

Well come and check out Evolved

In the World of Warcraft Alliance side of things on proudmoore we can offer

Leveling, Questing and Dungeons
Lots of members are always making new toons and leveling through questing and dungeons. Some times thats all they do and thats perfect. We want Evolved to be a place where you come and play with lots of different types of WoW players.

We have some Open world PvP as well as some Battle Grounds that go on through out the week.

Mythic Plus
Looking to challenge your self with some higher end Dungeons through the mythic plus system. We have lots of great people that do this all the time… Getting plus 10 keys for our members through out the week. Also always willing to help out and teach you the ins and outs of a dungeons. All you have to do is ask

Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from 6pm - 8pm PST with an optional extra hour on Fridays and Saturdays. We also have 2 different raid groups.

Always looking for Tanks and Healers with Offspec. As well as any DPS class!!

We also have an Open raid for all members of Evolved. This is where we take a small step back and give back to our community to the members that dont like to do progression style raiding. This all happens on Sundays around 5pm pst.

Need More Info
Feel free and message our recruitment officer if you have any questions at BNet Starlight200#1548 or Discord Star#0700 or our recruitment assistant Kithain BNet Kithain#11187 or Discord Kithain#9751. You can also do a /who Evolved and whisper any member to talk to an officer.

You can also check out evolvedgaming .org for more information!

We also have a Horde sister guild on Area 52, Elder Scrolls Online, FFXIV, Atlas, and various other shooter games such as Apex Legends, Anthem, Overwatch and more! If you enjoy playing different games and staying with the same community, Evolved might be the perfect home for you!!