Looking to reroll

I’m looking to reroll as Alliance on this server.

My Horde characters are on Grobbulus, but I’m getting a little tired of Horde story, characters, and the supposed bias that has been happening.

I stopped playing shortly before phase 2 hit, so I don’t know what to expect from pvp.

I want to enjoy something new, with a bit more rp interaction than I was getting before, but keep the pvp aspect of the game for that bit of thrill/fear when out in the world.

Can I hear your thoughts?

Wayyyyy less people than Grobb. Give it a shot you might like it. Not many dungeon groups. There’s some decent alliance side RP guilds. I’ve raided with their coalition and they are cool

Welcome to DD alliance! What race/class are you playing? Very important detail as to what advice I give you…

I’m thinking of playing a Warlock, Rogue, or possibly but probably not a Paladin.

Playing Rogue makes me think I ought to roll human for the sword bonuses, and the stealth would be handy for either hiding from pvp engagements, or giving me the element of surprise in case I choose to engage.

Warlock because I havent played a pet class yet, and also like the curses, and some of the builds I’ve seen look interesting and fun. Not to mention Firestones, Soul Shards, Healthstones, and Soul stones seem like fun utilities.

Paladin just because I’d like a melee class that also heals as it’s main focus, but I hear it is god awful boring to play. Playing Shaman got me healing for most of my dungeon roles, and it was actually pretty fulfilling to be able to heal and resurrect folks around in the world, while still being able to swing a weapon as most of my rotation.

I would try a Hunter, but I’m not super into Night Elves, and I’d rather not run around as a Dwarf for all of my playtime. Don’t have anything against either of them, but just not into the aesthetic.

Warlock might make me want to roll Gnome, because I’ve seen a lot of Gnome Warlocks on these forums, and they all seem like memorable characters. Also escape artist seems like it would be handy, since the class seems like it could benefit greatly from a cc breaker, even if it’s a minor one.

Tell me your thoughts.

Sadly not really any pvp on this server, just way too few horde. Good community on alliance side though

First of all, it’s not really true that there’s no PvP on this server, although an observer might think that alliance doesn’t actively engage in it (certainly they would notice horde always camping Menethil, IF and BRM). I have played some Grob horde myself, so I luckily I have reference points to compare between the two servers and experiences. Deviate Delight is smaller, that fact is undeniable and it comes with positives and negatives. One of the effects of this is that finding what you are looking for is essentially about who you know. Using PvP as an example, if you want to wPvP, there is a friendly dwarf named Talate who basically spends his entire wow existence organizing wPvP groups. On any given night you can most likely contact him and find your WPvP group. Other people might complain that it’s hard to find dungeon groups while leveling. That may be true if you’re spamming LFG at off peak hours, but there are people out there looking for groups constantly.

For RP, it’s more guild driven, which is not to dissimilar from Grob Horde. Over there, you could join a raiding guild and basically never even see any RP on a RP server, or you could join a guild like Hand of Lordaeron or Redwood Tribes and get great RP events all the time. Most of the RP events are organized by guilds for their guild members, and the RP guilds will often attend each others’ events. If you’re looking for that, and you ultimately end up going gnome, I would plug my own guild as the best option. If you end up going human, I would recommend you talk to Vengeance of Elune (Erodindor or Skorpius are good contact points over there).

As for class, I have been leveling a rogue alt (it’s a gnome because I like gnomes and because humans aren’t allowed in my guild) and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. I tried a gnome warlock as my first alt and kind of gave up on it, but not because it’s a bad class, probably because I main a mage and wanted to try something other than caster dps. It’s definitely good to get a change of pace from whatever you are used to when rolling a new character…but you know that…that’s why you said you were here :slight_smile:


I’m considering rolling Alliance. I come from Horde Grobbulus, and I did not like some of the community. The RP people were amazing, but the PvP element was ugly as f. Yikes.

I’d be making a resto druid. :slight_smile: I reallllllly want a nice friendly and easy going community / guild with little to no drama. I get skiddish with it, and tend to vanish if the scene is trash.

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I can begin playing again in 2 days, and intend to start anew once I do.

I hope to interact with you sometime during our journeys.

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Stop hiding at ugly Darnassus reading daily deviate Nelve . Me and my brethrens dominate Deviate pvp world. Every days Queb kills many pillaging allies in Winterspring, protecting horde interests, always with honor. Not so honorful allies need to group up to put Queb down. And fun begins.

Menotaur, stay with us, allies can’t pvp.

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