Looking to reroll on server

hi im aeve im a wow champ looking for a new start do you like champions wra?

for the alliance lol who plays horde here

Sorry, we only take peasants.

that dog from the nightmare before christmas is your pet lol

im not a furry

what’s your RP back story

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idk i’ve never played that far into Champions, it didn’t click the same for me like City of Heroes did


im the Champion :smiley:

you are? oh, OH

i love you Michael Jordan, wouldn’t take you for a belf DK player

former blood knight rezurrected as a DK but still loil to silvermoon and the blood knights

But why still loyal to the blood knights? Silvermoon, I can understand, but an order using the Light as a death knight?

Make me really feel immersed in your characters motivations and ethics.

loyal to the cause as a DK i cant use the light

Well of course, that’s why i’m saying it’s understandable to still be loyal to Silvermoon and Quel’thalas, but the Blood Knight order is generally light wielding paladins. Why would a death knight at that point in their characters story be loyal to an order that realistically is its antithesis?

I’m just asking you to think about the morals and development of how your character would feel going from a light wielding blood knight into an undead death knight and the mind set such a character would have.

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If a given person followed a Light-based religion and believed strongly in the Light as a force of goodness/salvation/etc, being raised as undead, against their will, wouldn’t necessarily cause them to just automatically forsake it.

Some might even become more devout in response, devoting their unlives to being “re-accepted” by the Light. It depends on the individual.


Do you like pvp? We only accept hardcore pvpers here, bruh.


Isn’t horde population double what alliance is on wra?

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that’s like asking michael jordan if he can dunk


Your best bet is checking out the pins at the top of the page imo if you are after a guild it has a number of different invironments that you may be looking for keep in mind that a lot of people might be wary if you don’t RP and if you don’t RP just be mindful of others and the purpose of the server and be respectful of those who do choose to partake in RP There isn’t much raiding horde side, as most horde tend to focus mostly on RP from what I see, but if you want to progress there are a number of good alliance guilds, namely, Battle Hardened, which is where I got AOTC from, they were selling runs, so my partner bought one for me as a early birthday present. Anyway, welcome to the server, enjoy your stay

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You’ll fit right in. We get dunked on all the time.


‘ey broe lets raid wra on put it on twitch le trolelelele

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