Looking to maybe transfer here!

Hi potential new friends! Here is some info about me. I am an old vanilla through WotLK player and I only play shaman. I hit glad three times in those times, one time in each bracket on a different spec. I believe it was S2 war/sham, S3 5’s(war/war/ele sham/disc priest/ holy or prot pally(can’t remember)) and s6 beastcleave (lololnoskiil, BM hunter, enhance sham and pally)

I currently play a sham as ele/resto(30/0/21) and I would like to finish my dungeon set two for nostalgia and maybe cap out raiding wise at MC/ZG/BLW. Maybe AQ, maybe. Raid availability would be M/T/F 4pm-9pm Sat/sun anytime probably.
The current server I play on is in west coast and it makes raiding impossible.

Some questions have have for you:
Is there regularly a que time to log in?
How active is the Horde? For example, will I be able to find people still doing 60 dungeons?
How are BG que times?
How active is world PvP? I know the server balance isn’t perfect but this is actually one of the best options.
Would you recommend this server?
Do you have questions for me?

Why would you join a server that is already 70-30 Horde favored ratio?

Probably because all of the well balanced servers are restricted right now. I’m on a dead server myself and looking to move too. Would love to move to Earthfurry but it’s locked so this seems to be the best option for an east coast pvp server that’s not locked at this time.

So leave your dead server to join an okayish server and add to faction imbalance, contributing to turning it into another dead server. Got it.

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Armaul is correct. I’d love to go to Earthfury but it is restricted. My primary focus is to change timezones.

Horde regularly blacklists any Horde that xfer here. So if you do decide to come here from another server, you will have a hard time finding a competent guild, many players will refuse to group with you and buy/sell from you. We use census website data to find level 60’s that clearly didn’t level on our realm (If there’s no data from you being levels 1-59, clearly you didn’t level here).

Other than that, do what you want.

What happened to cause this mentality? I was shrugging Benson off as a one off.
Because all of this doesn’t put me in a good spot either.

thats right, thats a crystal adorned crown in my avatar

Because we’re already 60/40 (Don’t listen to the idiots claiming 70/30, math is hard for them). And the more horde sided we go, the more likely it is Alliance quit/xfer. We don’t want that. So don’t come here. Don’t want you, don’t need you. Find another server.

As a player from a dead server, I’d hope you would have enough self-awareness to not actively contribute to turn another server into a dead one but here you are asking why we oppose more horde.

You could start a fresh toon on Alliance!!!


Horde transfers ARE NOT welcome here

I didn’t even have to get involved with this post and the responses were still good ones.


No one wanted you to sam.

Fortunately, what other people want me to do has never had much consideration in what I ended up doing.

Ya, but god forbid someone do what you don’t want them to do right?

This dude sounds casual. You are welcome to come to kromcrush. 1-2 people makes no difference. Ignore Benson/Sam.

When the alliance couldn’t handle phase 2 they made the server worse by leaving.

Now its roughly 65/35 split with horde being the dominant faction. The remaining allies go over the top to prevent it from getting worse. Which I understand, but it’s not like a couple people make ANY difference on the servers balance. It’s when entire guilds transfer, or people flee dieing servers in mass.

If you are coming alone I really doubt horde will blacklist you. People don’t pay that close of attention.


Your vote seems to be the minority currently.

Yea. Swamp did that. Worked out well for em.

This is probably the closest thing to the fact of the matter.

Maybe you should take your own advice and xfer to a PvE server. You clearly never wanted to play on a PvP server.

Remember this ANY TIME you read ANYTHING on these forums.