Looking for weekend raid guilds

Hey everyone, I’m trying to find a new home that raids on weekends. Saturday night or sunday. Occasionally will have a random day off in the week but for the most part need a friendly fun guild to join that are active. Please let me know if your interested thank you guys. Level 60 lock

I know you stated saturday/sunday, but I figured I’d let you know that (Offensive) is a Friday evening raid group. We just started really raiding, and the guilds still looking to fill some more spots.
Thokk is a good one to PM about it if you’re looking for more info about us.

Thank you for the reply, unfortunately fridays evenings dont work for me since I dont get off work till 9 :disappointed_relieved:

Worth saying, the raid time is 9 est/server. May be worth a shot if you can’t find anything that more suits your schedule.

I may consider it :slight_smile: thank you bthirsty

Boo, play Alliance, for life.
We got weekends bro.