Looking for vanilla Azgalor players for classic

Anyone from Azgalor’s glory days still around? Do you have any plans starting classic?

Xintho here from Mythical Guardians/Maple Leaf Alliance and Lasers and Gypsies on Alliance. Still playing but very seldom. However, I got invited to the Classic beta and I’m so damn ready for Classic to come out. I’m still not sure if I’m going alliance or horde though or even what class. It all depends on who all may come back.

I was in <Brütality> as Michelangelo

The hemo rogue everyone hated? No…can’t say that I remember him.

Nutty, Alliance Paladin from the guild Uber. I’ll be giving Classic a whirl.

Since when did the Assgalore forums = [Azgalor, Azshara, Destromath, and Thunderlord]? What has happened to this server’s glorious top-tier trolling in the 13 years I’ve been gone?

Also I’m giving Classic a spin to attempt to relive my glory days.

  • Wabi [BOT]

I’m going to play on Fairbanks (pacific PVP) really sucks there wasn’t any central time servers

I was a Troll Rogue named Adam in Third Iteration Horde side :slight_smile: Sup Azgalor!

Around, but not playing. A bunch of friends of mine will be playing on Herod, though.

I remember you… It’s nice to see names I can remember from back then.

Islandmage here, was in a few guilds. Freedom Guard, Uber, Zissou. Echo something, tried out for righteous dawn and got denied because I joined uber. lol but ive been playing on Sulfurus