Looking for SL Guild

Hey all, I’m a relatively new player to WoW - BFA was my first expansion - I’m looking for a guild to do Mythic+ and Raiding. I’d love to be able to push high keys and do Mythic Raids, though I haven’t done either before. I haven’t picked a main yet for SL, but I’m willing to try just about anything. Thanks for your consideration :slight_smile:

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Hey there, our roster is a bit filled at the moment however we’re still open to taking a look at any applicant - if you’re open to playing ranged we would love to have another ranged on the roster!

We’re a semi-hardcore guild on Alliance Turalyon that raids Tues/Weds from 8-11 pm EST, we’re not a hardcore guild but we still like to push as far as we can into mythic with a chill raid environment while also getting serious when a boss calls for it. We’re a bit quiet atm due to people waiting on Shadowlands but we’re a pretty active guild when there’s stuff to do.

I’ll leave our guild post below but if this interests you then please fill out a short app on our guild site which will be linked in our info; hope to hear from you and if not then good luck on your search!

Info: [A] <Chaotic Neutral> Recruiting for Shadowlands!
Gm btag: Wandappy#1921

[H]-Aggramar <Voyager> is looking for members for shadowlands. We have a handful of members who started this xpac as well, and are happy to help anyone wanting to get into keys and raiding.

We are a heroic raiding guild, but will foray into mythic as far as we can without getting super frustrated. Many of us love doing keys as well. My bnet is Saltare#1876

Hey Jorin,

Released Reforged ( Kil’Jaeden-Horde) is a semi-hardcore guild that would like to work on mythic raid content in Shadow Lands. Our goal is to build a fun but professional environment where we value everyone’s time commitment to the game. As a semi-hardcore guild we strive to maintain a fun atmosphere while pushing for logs, efficient raiding and having a serious mentality while raiding WITH friends We are looking to get CE but not as a top world guild or at the cost of members, we are interested in trying to push ourselves and grow as a guild. We have people within the guild that are very interested in all content that WOW has to offer to include but not limited to Raiding, PVP content, Mythic+, achievement farming, mount hunting and so much more!

Our raid days/times are consistent and we do not deviate unless agreed to by the entirety of the group. We are all super chill with tons of jokes and laughter but focused when it comes time to get things done.

Please feel welcomed to message me via in game or discord!

BTAG: Jelani#11254
Discord: JelaniPatron#4708

Hi Jorin!
Dysfunctional Misfits (Bleeding Hollow - Horde) is looking for some range dps for core spots in SL and will be aiming to raid mythics. We have fun during the week, and we have a community that plays different games. You are welcome to add me on Bnet if you think that sounds like something you’d be interested in!

Raid days are Saturday and Sunday - 6-9 Eastern.

Bnet: Blackwave#1217

Realm: Dalaran
Time Zone: Eastern
Guild Name: Veterans of the Alliance
Faction: Alliance
Currently LF: Evening Players
SL Guild Type: Midcore Raiding/Mythic+/Rated Battlegrounds
Member Type A: Serious Raider & Serious PvPer who Mythic+ & Raids
Member Type B: Active Players who want to enjoy the game
Core Team A: For Serious Player Progression
Raid Team B: For Players who want to do Mythic Dungeons/Raid/PvP more for the chill side of the game.

Hello, Jorin,!
Welcome to the game, not too sure if you’re interred in transferring or create a new character to give us a try. Thought I would at least try.

My name is Darkironclad, a Protection Warrior and Guild Leader of, Veterans of the Alliance. This guild was established September 9, 2020. Yes, the guild is recently new. I’ve journeyed through many realms, guilds, P.U.G.S., and all aspects of World of Warcraft. I’ve also experienced DPS from most classes, healed on all but one class, and tanked all but two Tank Classes. Monk and Demon Hunter. Through my years playing the game, most people I’ve ran into always state, “Play something that’s going to be fun to play”. I was in my late 20’s when I started playing World of Warcraft. Today, I’m in my early 40’s.

I consider myself an old school player and have decided to lead a guild through Midcore Raiding/Mythic+/Rated BG’s for Shadowlands, in the coming expansion. During MoP, Cataclysm, and WoD, I’ve led Rated Battlegrounds. Members have seen my passion in RBG’s and experienced it, when they were working along with me. Through the years, members have asked me to lead raids. I have never taken the opportunity to do that for them. Something that I’ve never even done for myself is obtain the best gear in the game. Ideas just started rolling in my head. The squirrel wheel moves the cobwebs from my thoughts and fears. It’s now time for me to take the stand, get back out there and have some good old school fun. It’s important for everyone to find class/spec, that is fun to play, because in the end you are the only person playing that specific character.

I’m currently recruiting serious players now for SL who can manage 21hrs online, each week practicing for Midcore Raiding, Mythic+ & RBG’s. That’s roughly 2-3hrs a day to do something together. May it be not a lot of time together but enough to manage what little time we would have, together. Now & until SL, we’re inviting players leveling to 50, who’re taking an opportunity & joining. Knowing our members & how they play is important. Everyone pulls their weight working together to get stuff done in a timely manner. We’re building a foundation to structure 36 specs. We would like to have 5 of each spec, from each class as MS, for Shadowlands. Making a difference within an old school guild is not how good our members are, but how members overcome challenges by collaborating & working together. There is nothing more important in a guild than with passion and the will to succeed.

As a Leader I am accountable. My team’s mistakes are my mistakes, because I am their leader. My Leadership, it’s not just about responsibility it’s about taking the next step to make things right. A lot of times when I’m forced to make a decision on a given strategy that I’m not too sure of, once I have enough evidence to suggest making that decision, I stick with it and do this with confidence. Strategies do not come with information books. My job as a leader isn’t always going to make the right decision, but it’s to make a decision in order to keep the team together. Wrong decisions can be fixed. However, a scattered team is restless for disaster. As a Guild Leader I know I can’t do everything myself. I focus on the most difficult tasks and delegate the rest to Members and trust them to get the job done!

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us. Watching Rated Arena Tournaments and Mythic Dungeon Internationals as an Esport, has inspired me to get into raiding. I remember watching one of the interviews with Ion Hazzikostas. An interviewer asked Ion Hazzikostas if raiding will ever become an Esport, in the future? I believe it may happen, though there is a lot that is at stake that goes into turning it into an Esport event. Not anytime soon, I’m sure. The thought of it caught my interest. Even if it does not happen, the fun of working together with players who seek the same level of passion as I do, guilds will take time to develop. I need players who would go the extra mile. As old school players, we play the game to interact with others and to play competitively. Our fun is gathering 20 people who’ll play hard to work together. The Best Reward To Have Is The Team We Create or Build!

I’d like to add a note. If you’re a casual player who would like to join our guild? We hope you join. We like members who contribute when they can. Our guild is small. As old school players, we have a game to play and we are always doing something. Rarely do we do anything by oneself. We would prefer to work with members and if there is anything they need to improve on their character, that is where we step into giving a helping hand. We don’t hold your hand and carry members around. If you are passionate to learn something about your class, we expect members to play hard, work with others in groups and do your very best that you can manage for your guild. We’re old school players with a positive attitude. Everyone starts somewhere.

You can contact me from Discord: Hellscythe#7701
Best time to contact me are Late Afternoons/Evenings

Hey Jorin! Are you bored with not dying all the time? Then join Optimal Baddies and find yourself so engrossed in guild chat that you’ll be running off cliffs and pulling 20 mobs at once in no time! Recommended by 4 out of 5 Spirit Healers.

Jokes aside we are a semi hardcore raiding guild that is coming back from the ashes of taking a break and looking to clear heroic and mythic. We are currently looking for more members to fill out our roster

OB are going ham come Shadowlands and will have groups for leveling, and mythics to gear out quick and get ahead fast and efficiently.
We plan to jump right into heroic come its release. If you are interested in a good group of players who have gotten CE in multiple expansions then this guild is for you!

we are located on Lightbringer, Alliance faction.

Raid times are as follows.

Monday - 8PM-10:00PM EST
Tuesday - 8PM-10:00PM EST

If interested please reach out to one of us! or leave a message on this post and we will contact you!

Bnet - Goldfish#1198
Discord - Goldfish#7851

Bnet - Ninjaspace#1577
Discord -ninjaXpope#0788

Hey man hmu on discord


Hey Jorin,

I am the GM for our guild, Invictas, and I think our guild could potentially be a great home for you! We are a smaller AotC/Casual Mythic guild on Alliance US-Proudmoore, and our raid times are 8-11PM EST on Wednesdays and Thursdays. We’re currently on raid break until Castle Nathria hits the game, but we are actively recruiting for our raid team for Shadowlands.

Here’s a link to our standard recruitment post if you wanted to learn more about us.

My Discord tag is Chat Mom#4179. If you’re interested, I would love to set up a time to introduce you to the guild and have a conversation about your guild search. Best of luck finding your guild home!

Hey Boss! I wanted to drop our recruitment information for you to look over. If we catch your interested at all, I’d love to talk to you! Good luck on your search for a home either way!