Looking for sales clarification please

I was thinking the same thing. I personally play on 4 realms. My original realm I’ve been on since vanilla, and where my bro and his wife sometimes checking for a few months.
The realm we started using back in wrath, but now just have 1 toon I haven’t transferred off yet. My realm I transferred to in bfa where I found a great guild, but they later moved servers, but I still have some toons there, and my latest server. I think there are players like me that have a lonely alt they don’t want to transfer, but may want to get up to 220 to do a few random battlegrounds or something.

Bump for blue response, please. <3

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This is another one of those confusing blue comments, that they occasionally drop and then often have to reclarify their clarification because it was nothing like what they said previously.

So that seems to be saying, if you are in a raiding guild that wants to offer carries, you need to have a member of the raiding guild who will be taking part in the raid doing the adverts. But gawd blimey, how can you even guarantee that? I might sign up for the raid today, opt in to do the advertising, then fall down the steps tomorrow and break my arm and shazam Im not able to raid. So does that mean Blizzard can check the raids, see Im not there and punish me? And how in all the small hairy gods would they even have the staff to check all that sort of stuff? They can’t seem to even get on top of the constant repeated adds in premade by the same organisations that are reported every day.

This comment makes zero sense to me.


You are not gonna likely get that on GD.

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I agree, they need to clarify it on the original community post where the comment appeared because its seriously weird.

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The issue there is that I spend most of my time on my paladin but if I am going to do a carry for someone who is a leather wearer I have no problem doing it on my druid instead for loot trading.

I agree they really need to clarify because logging to an alt to loot stack isn’t against the intention of stopping boosting sites but is kinda caught up in their wording. They really need to put out a more extensive list of what is and is not OK so ww have clear guidelines.

The auto squelch needs to be either removed or when appealed the people that wrongly got you squelched need to be informed and receive a punishment of some kind to deter this.

Dear god…That might be the longest OP I’ve ever seen.

No this is about clarifying it so we can all stay within the rules. What you are looking at here are people who want to follow the rules but need to know what they are first.

Imagine if a school zone speed limit was defined as “slow enough”. That’s pretty much what we are working with atm. If we know what the actual limits are we can stay within them. We can’t do that with the “use common sense” type explanation that some people seem to be saying to do.


The problem is, it isn’t.

You may be a player (as distinct from a character) who raids every week on whatever character is needed for that particular run. So you (lets us call you Bob) is going to be raiding on your paladin next week, and does some add call outs in Trade. But then Bob gets contacted by the RL and told, Bob, we need you to bring along your Hunter this week. But hell, Bob says, I just advertised a carry on my Paladin and if somebody reported me and I wasnt in the raid on my Pally, I could get suspended!

It should be the person, not the character. Because, as they already said, times change, and so do gaming circumstances.

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I think no advertising on cross-realm, and only by an individual actively participating in the sale, are both pretty clear. If you are going to advertise the sale, you need to be participating in the run. Not your alt, but the toon you advertise the sale on.

Edit: if you are just part of the run that someone else, who is also in the group, advertised the sale on, that is fine. it is the toon who advertised the sale that HAS to be in the group.

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So tough luck for that person if they were unable to raid due to real life issues arising that had nothing to do with any misc. Blizzard rulings.

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They should put playing for gold into the game officially. What is the point of all this runaround and confusing nonsense? Just make it mechanical and usable. Make the high end content drop things of value, it really is not that complicated. Once a raid team is geared, they have nothing interesting left to farm. No one else has had a loot model this bad since like 2008, Blizz is almost half way through second decade of being behind the curve.

They could do something like, have all raid items able to be enhanced to max ilvl, but each tier upgrade requires a material from the raid difficulty that drops items at that tier at base. You can make an LFR pieces go normal ilvl with a material from normal, normal ilvl pieces go heroic ilvl with a material from heroic, heroic ilvl pieces go mythic ilvl with a material from mythic. The enhancement material can be traded on the auction house.

Then on top of that have mythic raid exclusive pet and mount drops that can be traded on the auction house. So this gives everyone a baseline weekly income they can farm to sell or use to gear alts, and high end chase items. The carry market shrinks to people chasing padded titles but still exists, and the bulk of transactions is going through reliable systems.

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Maybe not but I’m trying anyways lol.

“You didn’t make it to this run that you advertised in trade!” banned

I agree with you the wording on this is weird and it also says “intended”

“well I intended to go but I was benched because I insulted our raid leader” banned

Edit: I was benched once for calling the RL some very choice words. I deserved it.

Time to make up our own rules. :smiley: jkjk