Looking For Rp Guild

Hey there, WRA Forum. Returning player here who’s recently been bitten by the WoW Bug again. I haven’t played much BFA, on and off since the first few months. But now I’ve gotten a renewed drive to play.

I have a few characters that are in need of guilds but mostly I’ll be playing my paladin, so I’m looking for a horde side guild! Sleiyn is pretty laid back so there really isn’t many themes he would be apposed to.

Hey Sleiyn.

If you don’t mind me asking: what wouldn’t he do? Likely dark and evil things, sure, but are you looking for more social, or adventure with a set story? Additionally, do you play content at all, or no?

I could possibly direct you to the Vol’kar’s forum, but don’t want to seem greedy. :stuck_out_tongue: If you haven’t checked it out yet, I suggest looking at the Horde Guild Directory. It’s pretty well fleshed out and maintained. I’m sure you could find a home by checking through there. The Horde Guild Directory(Seeks Guilds!)

I can help narrow it down if/once you answer. Happy searching!


For some reason, everyone always links the OLD forum post thread directory =(

Here is the current directory!