Looking for Para RP people

Listen, I’m not trying to start a fight here. We all have our different ways of rping, and I respect all of them, but I’ve found that whenever I seek like-minded people, ESPECIALLY on trade (Both Horde and Ally), I just get mocked and trolled. So i figured I’d post here since I never posted before.

Anyone out there really enjoys para rp and either owns or knows a guild that promotes such a thing? :slight_smile:


When I say hi in trade I get mocked and trolled. You’re looking for intellectuals at a Monster Truck rally.


Paragraph posting isn’t common in most walk up or public RP mostly out of consideration for others. There’s lots of conversations going on and dropping several paragraphs of text can make an already difficult time even more difficult. Even in guilds, when dealing with large group conversations/events, waiting for four or five other people to drop paragraphs means you can be sitting for long stretches while things drag out.

However, once you find yourself having a one to three person conversation, it’s rare to find anyone who doesn’t post at least one and a half paragraphs at a time. Usually much more.

With that understanding, I think pretty much any RP guild would suit your needs. Check out the Horde Guild Directory here, and take a moment to check out shamelessly plug for my own guild, Firebrand Enterprises.

And you shouldn’t go to Trade in search of RP contacts, unfortunately. You’ll have more luck hanging around Silvermoon City, the Valley of Honor in Orgrimmar, or the taverns in Stormwind. Browsing the forums/Discord channels/Tumblr in order to keep updated about organizations and events can also help.


Half the time, I prefer one on ones or two on ones. Which is why I posted my request here. And actually, when I rp in paragraphs, I tried to get in party chat, especially if I am in public places.

But sadly, no, not every guild suits me. I know a lot of roleplayers who can only post three lines at a time, and I come from game platforms where waiting ten minutes for a post is the minimum. Paragraph rp is more common than one thinks, you just gotta know where to look. If you are not interested in it, fine by me, I will never tell people how to rp, I simply expect the same in return.

But with that said, thank you for the directory :slight_smile: I will have a look!

I also just realized I answered with my alt, Shae’. but hai, I am the one who posted this post xD

They laugh and groan at my jokes, though.

Then again, I’ve got the looks of CinnamonToastKen but Larry the Cable Guy everything else.

I used to think I hated para in general, but I think I just took a long time to be exposed to the good side of it, having mostly seen purple prose or people disrupting others with it.

Strictly purple prose is one thing, and that is sadly what most people think of us. But paragraph rp to me is about the description of details. It can involve thinking rp, so long as it’s not just an entire post of JUST thinking rp. You know? And when I am in a city, I try to get into party chat as well.

I’m blue prose.

I just talk about things that are blue, no exceptions.

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LOL Totally makes sense

Da ba dee da ba daa?

I think I found your main problem.


I know, which is why I tried out here.