Looking for old Icon guildmates. Back in 2007-2008

Hey all. If you were in a guild named Icon, lets chat. We were on Darkspear. I had so many good friends in that guild, but circumstances caused me to not play for many years. So here I am see if anyone remembers a Roleen. Night elf hunter. Litia was the guild master. This was around the 2007-2008 time frame. We did Burning crusade together.

isn’t there a forum for this sort of thing?

This exact thing? I don’t think so.
GD is probably a good place to ask, could ask in the Darkspear subforum as well

but since the last post there was bumping a thread made in 2018 four days ago and the last post before that was last month I think this is a better place lol

i thought there was a lost connections subforum?

I think this is it, but it’s earlier than what OP is asking, still probably couldn’t hurt to try there, too.

Closest thing I can find is this

OP might be interested in this

but no one has posted there since Jun last year

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