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Hi. I’m looking to return to classic. I leveled a Alliance mage to around 50 on Incendius at the beginning of classic and had a lot of fun. But I didn’t have as much time to play as most of my guild and they way out-leveled me (some had alts at close to my level). Then when phase 2 hit leveling became impossible. I think my corpse is still sitting the last place I just kept getting repeatedly camped by a bunch of 60s.

Anyway, I’ve been itching to come back and saw that the forums had classic realm forums and I’ve spent a fair bit of time reading posts from all the NA realms looking for a good fit. I’m just looking for a nice realm/community/guild with nice people who like to have fun and play the game. I’m unlikely to raid with the limitations on my schedule but I enjoy running dungeons and chatting and making friends. In fact, I’m looking to enjoy friendships first. I read through several posts for for DD and this realm sounds very chill and friendly so I’m thinking of re-rolling here, likely Horde, maybe Hunter or Priest this time. How is the leveling experience here? Also hoping to find some players that are a bit older. I’m cool to play with the young ‘uns and all and mostly they think I’m a cool boomer (I’m in my mid-50s), but would be nice to find some older players too. I would be totally new to RP so also wondering if someone could reach out and tell me a little what that is like. But I’m willing to give it a go for a nice community. I enjoyed the posts for this realm and it seems to be a cool community.



You had me at “looking for a good fit” and lost me at “likely Horde”. :slight_smile:

I am only kidding. In all seriousness, this is a great server, and you will find plenty of welcome here. As someone new to RP and curious as to what it is like, the RP community here on both factions is very welcoming, and very easy to find.

Each faction has a number of RP guilds, and you should have no problems finding one that is a great fit for you. As far as making friends goes, I’ve only been on DD for a few months now, and despite my introverted tendencies, I have met some really cool and interesting folks.

If by some miracle you decide to roll Alliance, there are a number of great groups here, including Dwarf, Night Elf, and theme-focused RP guilds a-plenty.

So here’s an early ‘welcome aboard!’ from us, and I hope you find a good home in Deviate Delight, whether you decide to sport pointy ears, beards, tusks, green skin, or hooves.


I’m old!

The RP community is really great here, and patient with folks new to the experience. There is a network of RP guilds on both factions, and we even coordinate cross-faction for some fun events. I can’t promise you’ll find a run every time you want one, but within the guilds I am familiar with there is a strong desire to see all their members get the help they need.

I’d bet a bag my finest roasted oats you’ll be glad you rolled here.


Hi Aovi. Thanks for your message. I actually created an Orc Hunter last night and ended up running to Org. It seemed to be somewhat sparsely populated. On the one hand, I don’t want to add to any realm imbalance that may already exist. But on the other I really hope to find people leveling alts to be able to run dungeons. What is the makeup of the realm in terms of A/H and how does this impact wpvp. A little wpvp can be fun now and then (not the ganking of lower level characters).

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Ratio-wise, the tools available show anywhere from 55/45 to 60/40 in favor of Alliance. As to World PvP, the mid-level zones see some decent at-level one on one or small group fights on most days of the week (and I’m proud to say that an increasing number of those are being initiated by a certain group of RPers I know and love!)

Some of us try to organize World PvP events now and again, with various degrees of success. I have always been adamant that the health of a server is linked to the level and maturity of its World PvP. It spawns factional competition, guild engagement, and gives people a reason to bring their 60s out of “log-in screen prison” when they’re not raiding.

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Make sure to join the LookingForGroup channel to help find groups and have a casual world chat. If you join an RP guild, they have access to other global chats to help form groups/chat.

I am an altaholic. I usually don’t have trouble forming dungeon groups (when I am not low level BGing). Welcome to DD! Sounds like the right server for you.

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From everything you’ve mentioned, I think you’ll absolutely fit in on DD. I think if you are patient with groups, do the active whispering people of similar level, and get in with a guild, I think it’ll be fine.

There are a couple channels to join, like /berry which is pretty helpful to new up and comers.

One thing that I’ve talked with from people of higher pop servers, is that other servers can be difficult finding groups to actually do dungeons with too. Other servers rely mainly on boosters and that’s all you really see in chat on character leveling.

I think there is a decent amount of wpvp that is happening, and there will be a ton more with the AQ gates opening in Silithus.

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