Looking for mythic raiding team

416 enhance shaman Looking for a mythic raiding team. Only 2/8 currently due to having to pug every week. Have AOTC and 2.6k io via pug also. Unfortunately due to work my only available days are Sunday 3 server time till whenever then anytime Monday server time. I’m Alliance on the frostmourne cluster. Can consider swapping servers/factions if it’ll help my cause. Been playing on and off since WOTLK but returned properly a couple of months back and want to dig way deeper into mythic VOTI and onwards. I’m always early and show up every week.

Sorry didn’t realise I had the wrong character set

Hit me up on discord for a chat if you are still looking mate
Teams are currently 5M and 3M and both teams raid Sunday and Monday 19:30 - 22:30st

Hey there, feel free to hit me up for a chat disc Popi#1872

is a brand new raiding guild created by multi CE raiders returning to the game with the goal of clearing CE on a strict 2 night a week schedule. We are looking for experienced players of all roles to fill out our roster and head into mythic prog ASAP message me for more info.

That’s the guild copy pasta, if you would like to talk hit me up on;
Bnet - Avoka#1639
Disc - Avoka#8284

Disc - Etem#2970

Hi Friend,

Hope the search is going well. If you’re still looking, drop me a line Raiynne#1442.