Looking for horde rppvppve guild

I Have 2 lvl 60 alliance I was raiding with on grobbulus but haven’t played in about 5 months due to burnout. Originally wanted to play horde but got coerced by friends. Returning there I see the guild broke up and even though I’m established there I want to make a undead shadow priest and have fun with new people. Are there any guilds over here that you guys might recommend ? I’m not looking to be boosted but friends, events etc would be nice.

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Hey Phelo! Welcome to DD!

Contact Skullcap for The Order of The Forsaken, they might be able to help you out. Good folks, lots of maggots to share :stuck_out_tongue:


As a casual observer who has been on the alliance side of DD since launch, I definitely think landlubbers looks like the most fun horde guild. They aren’t race themed but pirate themed. If I played horde on DD, I’d definitely be looking them up.