Looking for Heroic Raiding Guild

Topic says it all. If you got a heroic focused guild looking for members for SL let me know.

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That is our goal for SL… i will share my recruitment post, if it interests you please contact me!

Masters of Insanity is an old alliance guild recently revived, faction changed, realm changed & renamed for a fresh start! We are looking for all classes and all specs. Currently we are working on building our core raid team for Shadowlands! (In need of all roles) Willing to help players level alts & gear up to prepare, guild repairs available as well as additional support if necessary. Raid times will be Wed & Thurs 630-930 unless decided otherwise as a group. A Sunday afternoon run could be setup, again pending group discussion.

We are in need of Raid leader & officers to help with recruitment as well as upkeep for core raid team. Upkeep will include mats farming & or contributing raid supplies. I.e. flasks, potions, feasts etc… If all goes well we will introduce a second raid team to accommodate as many guildies as possible. Once we have a good roster i will be entertaining guild giveaways, mounts, gear, game time etc…

All players are welcome, casuals, hardcores, whatever & whomever. Come one come all.

Our humor at times can be sarcastic, but always & only in good fun, love to have good time and occasionally enjoy few drinks while gaming… Welcoming adult atmosphere, discord ready to go…

No application required here. I do not care about your current raider IO or Warcraftlogs. Let’s build a great team together, raiding is as much about fun, as it is about the sweet taste of being victorious! We are not perfect, nobody in this world is, and we do not judge! We are open to all, but also expect NO TOXICITY and as little drama as possible. I pull no punches, if you become bad for the morale of the guild. You will simply be kicked and banned.

If interested look us up in guild finder, or friend request in game Shamman#1743. Glad to answer any questions and tell you what our plans and goals are!

Come get Mental with us!!

Hello, please add me on disc @ HoppingKoala#0745 or bnet @ Koala#1908 if you’re still looking

You should check out Loyalties. We are a casual Adult guild that raids 2x/wk We are retooling for SL and we had some people who wanted to push a more intense schedule have left to find that. We have a great social core that gets along well and has fun playing the game. If interested check us out in game.

Hi Makoo! I’m Bestdeals AKA Sang AKA Mothman with The Red Door we’re a group of longterm friends that have been raiding on and off since Emerald Nightmare in Legion! We’re welcoming of players at all skill levels who are looking to improve and join a cool comfortable community! If that interests you hit me up man! we’re gonna be raiding once Nathria drops!

My discord is Mothman#7584 !

Shovelhead is an aotc guild thats looking for people, were good players that just want to take it easier this xpac, were looking at 2 nights a week aotc and lots of m+.

Feel free to reply here or add me on discord at