Looking for help beating Baa'l(battlepet)

I am looking for someone who can help with summoning their complete Uuna pet for me so I can unlock Baa’l. I have found all the pebbles and unfortunately don’t have Uuna unlocked and cant seem to find anyone within my server to help.

I can help you with that. You can add me @ Mortred#1171 and anyone else needing to unlock Baa’l.

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Sorry, I didnt put my battletag right. It is Mortredx#1171…forgot the x lol.

I am also looking for help if anyone can. My Uuna has bugged out and cant finish her storyline anymore but have done Baa’l so I just need someone to weaken him if anyone is still willing to help?

You may also want to ask in the Pet Battles forum https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/c/gameplay/pet-battles/39