Looking for [H] Mythic raiding guild


Hey there, I’m currently looking for a Horde mythic raiding guild who is seeking cutting edge in the upcoming raid tier.

A little about me:

I currently have a decent roster of 120s, ranging from 350 to 383 ilvl, current progression is 5/8M in uldir and have many achievements showing a long history of top end raiding.

I’v been playing since vanilla before BRD was the first “raid”, and have completed most of the end game content at their current times.

What I’m looking for:

I’m looking for a 2/3 day a week raid schedule, preferably ending by 11:00pm EST on the horde side. Preferably Melee

If you’re interested feel free to drop a message here or contact me on bnet @ zedak#11501 and we can discuss things further, or if you have any questions for me.


Guild and Server: Bleeding Hollow Horde

Raid Times/Days:
*Group 1 - Tues/Thurs 8PM-11PM EST
*Group 2 - Wed/Mon 9-11:30PM

Current Progression: 5/8M and 8/8H



About: We are a raiding guild that also focuses on M+ and RBGs. We will be pushing for Cutting Edge next tier. All exceptional DPS and Healers are encouraged to reach out


Impetus is aiming to strengthen our roster for BoD!
Impetus is aiming to strengthen our roster with top tier talent capable of learning and mastering content on a 6 Hour schedule. We have achieved many Cutting Edge’s since Siege of Orgrimmar and are not only aiming to always achieve Cutting Edge on this schedule, but are interested in doing so as a US top 200 guild. We enjoy pushing ourselves, playing well, and playing with other talented/driven players. If we had the time to raid more than 2 nights/6 hours we’d be in a guild pushing for Server 1st or US top 10-20. We can’t, and presumably neither can you, so the goal is to be as excellent as we can with the time available. We are looking for players interested in helping us reach our goals.

We raid Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9pm-12am EST

We are 7/8 Mythic in Uldir
We finished Legion 20/20 Cutting Edge in T19, 7/9 Mythic in T20, and 11/11 Cutting Edge in T21.

If you have the skill and drive to push progression, and our raid times fit with your schedule, we’re looking for you!

Looking for All Skilled Players!
We are currently looking for Ranged DPS (Mage, Lock, Elemental) however we encourage applications from all exceptional raiders regardless of spec or class.

We are looking for people that:

  • Enjoy Raiding as a Hobby

  • Enjoy conquering challenging content

  • Push themselves to more damage/healing on every pull

  • Strive to execute strats and mechanics cleaner on every pull

  • Look to achieve Cutting Edge each Tier

  • Are available Tuesdays and Thursday from 9:00-12:00 EST

  • Are laid back and mature

  • Are looking to raid with people who share these traits

Getting In Touch With Us
If this sounds like the sort of team you want to be a part of, please don’t hesitate to reach out:

Guild Leader: Bnet - Knightylol#1466 Discord - Purgatoire#6139