Looking for guild

Hey all,

I have recently transferred from Arugal. I was part of a pre launch guild that no lifed to end game and are full clearing MC in 2 hours.

I didn’t no life as I have work commitments and a family, though I have put in some hours. Unfortunately I was behind the guild on progression and left on good terms.

I decided to transfer to find a smaller pond with a solid community, I am now on Felstriker. Seems the pond might be a bit smaller than I imagined but I am sure there is a community out there, i just need to work out how to find it.

Dor, troll, warrior, tank, eng mining.

An experienced progression raider from TBC to Cata, cleared 95+% of content while it was current as Paladin MT/OT. Not in top tier guilds but solid second tier.

Currently half pre raid bis. Looking for a team to efficiently clear vanilla content while phases are current.

Need to work on finalising pre raid bis, fire resist and attunement. I am mature, reliable and non toxic.

Seeking guidance on how best to achieve the above goals on Felstriker. Look forward to hearing from you.