Looking for guild

I’ve never been in a very active guild and perhaps have been missing out on something. I am interested in raiding and dungeons but definitely not “hardcore.” I think a racial guild would be fun. Level 120 blood elf warlock. Wandering how to get involved with one.

Heya and welcome to the WRA forums! Here is a thread listing several Horde Guilds on the server.

So you didn’t mention an interest in RP but did mention looking for a racial (I’m assuming Blood Elf) themed guild. Are you looking for RP? We’ve got lots of that.

As a first timer, I suggest trying some walk up RP and attending public events so you can see who’s around and whose style/company to enjoy. Also be prepared to bounce around. Don’t feel you have to commit or some strangers you’ve hatted with for a few hours will be forever.

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