Looking for guild

Hey guys my friend and I are both looking for casual raiding guild/ mythic + teams both have experience over previous expansions and have been playing since tbc/wrath. Starting to get bored of puging keys looking to start enjoying the game again. We are both tradies so pref earlier raiding times are better.

I am a disc priest 245 ilvl also have a resto shammy.
He is a fury/arms warrior 246 also has a 245 rogue. Willing to play whatever is needed.

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Hey, Men In Chairs [3/10M][10/10H] is looking for a healer and some DPS for mythic prog. We are a casual mythic guild, as in there’s nothing else to do at this point in the tier so we’ll push mythic as far as we can. We don’t expect cutting edge we just do it to have fun.

Our times are Wednesday/Thursday 8:30 - 11:30pm ST. We’re currently doing mythic on Wednesday and heroic on Thursday but that may change if we get more raiders.

Feel free to contact myself or our recruitment guy if your interested.
BattleTag: Exsidious#1717 or Darkeya#1738
Discord: Vex#6411 or Darkey#0859