Looking for guild on Illidan HORDE


I am looking for a semi casual raiding guild ( Clear heroic content, light push into mythic , but nothing crazy) On tuesday and thursday nights. I am a 403 Ilevel Rogue that is willing to play whatever spec is the most optimal for the fight given.

Little about me : I currently work part time and go to school full time, and Tuesday and Thursday nights are the only nights I have off at night. I played WoW a little in Vanilla, came back for a brief time for Wrath, then didnt play again till WoD. I raided in Legion and was in a top 100 Guild on Sargeras (Alliance at the time) With work and school Im not really going to look for any crazy pushes into Mythic content and also as of writing this (June 6th) My PC is trash and im going to be rebuilding a new and much improved PC July 4th.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you have any other questions please feel free to add me I will be on all day