Looking for guidance: Class choosing

Basically title. I’ve played every caster and healer spec to level cap this xpac, havent played a heck of alot since MoP. My playstyle is suited to multidot with burst potential casters such as ele, spriest, boomy (not sure how they’re doing now).

Please decide for me? Something caster, dps, multi-dotti-stuff. TIA

Edit: Already decided on disc priest and MW for my healers which is why I’m only asking about dps.

Best DOT class right now is Gushing Wounds

Only 1 caster has multi dot and burst and that’s boomkin

When I try to create a Gushing Wounds character a notice pops up saying “Sorry, character selection broken atm, please come back when it’s fun” otherwise I would man

Ele, Spriest, and Boomkin are all actually in fairly decent positions. Spriest main comps are Splay and RPS, with UH DK also being an option. Ele mainly palys with Destro or Thunder, but also plays decent with boomkin.
Boomkin can do well with Ele, DH, and I’ve seen it with rogues a couple times.

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Thanks man! Maybe the ele is sounding best for me atm. I like the idea of being able to offheal and ghost wolf as shammy, I know all those specs can offheal but… Ele feels better.

Sounds like you’re looking at boomy. It’s definitely solid atm, but you’re kinda limited to damp games unless you’re running boomy/rogue or boomy/ww. In literally every situation a boomy is a worse destro lock, but the class is still really fun and it’s good enough into most things.

Only thing you “lose” to is double destro.

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See this is what makes it hard, starfall is so darn fun too!

Mmm, boomkin doesn’t really play like Destro at all…

o.O You legit dont press starfall for anything except to stop drinks. You dont even use that button in PVE LOL

destro lock, enjoy free glad

You’re kidding me D: I used to love aff lock back in MoP which is where the love for watching an enemy team panic as they all rot away comes from. I sound psychotic.

I didn’t say it did! That’s why I didn’t mention it as a class he’d like. However, you can take pretty much any caster x team, replace the caster with a destro atm and it’s better.

Noplz. I face that in the bgs I’m hobo-ing around in now, don’t want no part of that.

you wont have time to run 3 characters, properly.

Yeah noticed ranking the cloak up and levelling relics seems to take ages… Is 2 feasible? I study full time so prefer to actually have real life time haha.

i tried to run 3 - if you only cap them all once a week it is doable, but you will always be “behind”. I tried to start doing N’zoth and found myself staying up until 2-3 am (i play in the evenings). Even casually i was putting in some hours (corona…you jacked up my sleep schedule).

could not do 3. Luckily i get more enjoyment from playing alts in this game so I just randomly swap around. If you are ok with mediocre character development play 3. (2 would be the most I would recommend if you have a life)

minimum time per character per week: 1-2 hour quests, assaults. 1-2 hour visions, 2-3 hours pvp, 3-4 hours heroic raid, 1 hour for single +15 dungeon = 8-12 hours - and I may be forgetting stuff (echo grind, spamming mythic dungeon for gear or specific gear, etc). That is per character for basic progression. If you are doing islands, darkshore, etc…even more time.

3 toons = 24-36 hours per week

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Damn man, thanks for going in depth for me! Maybe 2 is best as you suggest. In that case… I may drop my disc as a healer and go ele/resto shaman and MW for my 2 playables.

Loved how gearing worked back in MoP, current gearing seems like a definite time gate unless you want to underperfom. Ah well, win some lose some.

unfortunately, i learned the hard way. Corona gave me time and I wasted it on multiple toons instead of actually playing and gearing one…but honestly, I have always done that. I just cant help myself. If you like that, then have fun.

HA, one of my online friends biggest hate of me was my tendency to not like a certain characters race anymore, or wanted to level a new one, so I’d delete the level capped one and start over.

I do the same thing in Skyrim though, should seek help at this point >_>