Looking for friens

So I have played wow alone for many years and tonight I ran with my guild for the first time doing a raid. Many of them logged of right after and I’m looking at the game and can’t stomach playing alone. So I am wondering if there are any communities that help people run mythics. I play a priest and I’m not great but I don’t hella suck.

I just want more in game and Idk how to go about it.

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Couple friends and I play nightly. Keys, mog runs, raids, sometimes PvP.

Hey there! Not sure if we’re exactly what you’re after, but our guild is looking for more people to join us for season 4 and beyond! We’d love to add a Shadow Priest or a flex healer to our roster if we interest you! We’re a guild that’s been around for a long time so we’re definitely not going anywhere, and we’d love to meet more people that enjoy raiding/keying with a chill group of people. We also have 0 issues with cross-realm raiding, transfers aren’t a requirement atm!

I won’t throw any spam here and instead I’ll just link over our main forum post as it has most of our info. If you have any questions then I’d love to chat more! :grin:

Btag: GingerHeals#11438


Add me. always looking for others to do stuff

We have almost 300 wow players if your interested and we’re very active as a community and people always run stuff if your interested shoot me a message on discord kingdavez

Tank main, outside of my raid times… I usually find myself where I’m doing everyhing solo, ques for M+, wq, everything at times.

Would love people to group with for various content.
Esp would love a M+ group.

arkaynine on discord