Looking for Friends on WOW


Just recently started playing again. Everyone i used to play with don’t anymore. Makes the game boring. Love to talk to people. Right now im just trying to gear my main dk. Love to meet others in same situation as me. Gets so boring no one to talk too or do things with. I have discord as well, Nice to actually talk also and play. Lipsofanangel#4374
About me:
Name Angel ( Female)
Age: 40
personality: Easy going, Love playing game, Love to help others, Laid back. Sense of humor.
faction: mainly play Alliance, although i do have some horde characters
Realm Cenarius is what im currently playing on. All alliance right now there. I do have toons on Steamwheedle Cartel also. Other Servers too.
characters: Alliance: Dk/Unholy ( My Main), Druid, Hunter, about all of them.
Available: Most weekdays, and all day in weekends.
up for: Anything at any time. My favorite thing to do is to chat with other people and to help them with gearing. Love to run dungeons, Raids.
other interests: Other games, music.
Battletag: DarkAngel#14295