Looking for friendly guild


I am a new player with a 93 human rogue and want to meet new people to start raiding doing pvp dungeons and having fun


<The Scalywags> on Moonguard (US) (Alliance Side)

Would like to extend an invite to all who would like join a social casual guild. We are rebuilding and would like to see our numbers grow. Please note that we are very small & trying to gain casually active members .
With that said if you join please take note that it will take time to have active members .
Recruitment officer and officer positions are available.
**Please mail the GM (Vilvor) on the server for more information on this.

Sense of Humor is a must !!

What We Offer:
Long walks in the forests , nice long swims though A Thousand Needles with entertainment , cookies, shenanigans, free portals, monthly contests, old school raid fun (no pressure) to get xmogs, pets, and mounts.
NO Drama
NO pressure guild play how you want !
We ARE NOT a RAIDING guild .
We welcome everyone from the new player to the returning player.
Alts are most welcome.
We accept all as long as you follow the rules.
We are very LGBTQ friendly.
<The Scalywags> is not an RP guild but we welcome ones that would like to RP together
Discord and FB page available

Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

We want to help WoWs social players out by providing a place with no pressure and a positive fun environment!


Vilvor you guys sound like the guild I’m looking for would I be able to add you?