Looking for certain PvP player

I’m trying to do some research about battlegroups. I’ve been PvP battling a lot the past few weeks and as usual I’ve been running into the same players/teams over and over. Then yesterday I started facing players that seemed different. Different teams with named pets that I’ve never seen.

Here’s a few of the named pets I’ve run into today:
Lil’ Ragnaros named Swagdotexe
MPD named Memegodx
Xu-fu named Xd Swag

Void-scarred Anubisath named Betacreep
Lil’ Bling named Lilly Bling
Lil’ Ragnaros named Icy

Twilight named Theoutlawtom
Widget named Dyerseve

An unnamed team of Muck Slug (yay!), Antoran Bile Larva and Ghost Maggot.

If you own these pets my question to you is:
Did you just start doing PvP pet battles again after a break, or have you been battling regularly everyday?

If you have been battling everyday and we just started running into each other in the queue then it could lend some credibility to the theory that there is sometimes movement in the PvP battlegroups. If you just started battling again after a long break then that’s a pretty straightforward explanation as to why I’m seeing you in the queue all of the sudden.

To make matters more interesting, I’m still seeing some people that I see regularly along with the new people.

I know nothing can be proven by such a limited data set, but this is something I’ve always been curious about.

Thanks if you respond.

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