Looking for AOTC guild

[Firehawk] on Proudmoore is a big, long-established Alliance guild of friends and fellow teammates currently recruiting for both raid teams Corpse Run(Tu/W 6-9pm PST) and Twilight Fenix(Fr/Su 6-9pm PST) in preparation for the coming launch of 9.2!!
We are a group of chill players looking to progress through content while enjoying the company of each other and have a good time. Every tier we attempt to push the content as far as we can, getting the best gear possible while still enjoying the game within our in-game community. By no means are we a CE-pushing hardcore group, however we try our hardest and look for exceptionl players looking to make meaningful friendships and pushing difficult content in a game that we all love. We’re looking for avid members to fill our roster for Sepulcher of the First Ones, with all classes and roles being considered.
Item lvl does not necessarily need to be caught up, although 230+ is preferred. If you think you need gear is neccesary to get caught up, we will be more than happy to run dungeons to help you in any way possible. Groups for high mythic + keys will form regularly as well once the new season starts. (A good handful of our guild members always try to obtain keystone master). As for raiding, Corpse Run is the semi-hardcore mythic raid team that raids every Tuesday and Wednesday 6-9pm PST/9-12pm EST. Twilight Fenix is our semi-casual raid team that focuses on heroic content every Friday and Sunday also 6-9 pm PST/9-12 pm EST. We also have a Firehawk Discord where we all come to hang out, listen to music, post fun stuff and play other games besides WoW. So if you’re looking for a community to become friends/family with and an opportunity to get loot and reach your/character/raiding goals, then we are the guild for you!
In terms of guild rules and policies, we’re straight forward. Be respectful. We’re a friendly group of people in a welcoming environment. We’re teammates that work hard together to kick butt, kill bosses and enjoy the game like any other player in the game. Above all else, Firehawk upholds a high standard on respect, fun, and community above anything and we wish you do the same.
So whether you’re a mythic raider, mythic plus spammer, or just a casual WoW lover, we have all that you’re looking for! Message me Brerellyn(Brerellin#1558) for more information about our guild, raid teams, policies, or if you just want to talk. Come hang out with us and become a Firehawk! :smiley:

So we wanna go beyond AOTC and dip into mythic but only ONE NIGHT A WEEK and on a more relaxed environment that most of the mythic guilds go for.
We dont require server change.

The full scoop is here

Feel free to join the discord link or msg me in disc for more info,

Hi there Depraved! I would love to chat with you about our guild we’re recruiting for 9.2!

Found a Green Quest a US horde community on Zul’jin is now recruiting all classes & roles for 9.2 for raiding, questing, Mythic Keystones & more. We’re planning to hit the ground running for AOTC when Sepulcher of The First Ones opens. If this sounds interesting to you, please feel free to reach out to me via Discord or in game only.
Discord: Kiuayoukai#2395
In game: Kiuayoukai-Zul’jin

Hey! Drunk n Disorderly is looking for more raiders for the upcoming 9.2 content.

Who We Are: We are a guild comprised of all types of people with one common goal – share good vibes and down bosses. We believe WoW should be played for fun first and foremost, while also being able to prog in an enjoyable environment. We are all adults here, there’s no childish drama. We make it a priority to maintain a relaxed and chill atmosphere at raids, toxicity is strongly prohibited and we deal with it immediately. Large active community, with over 50+ raiders across multiple teams.

Raid Info: We are an AoTC focused guild, and have achieved it each tier since we’ve formed. While we do end up downing a couple Mythic bosses afterwards, our focus is truly on AoTC. We are currently recruiting for our Weekend Team (Fri/Sat), which runs from 8-11pm est.

What We Need: Any role will be considered, though would love a warlock, priest, enhance shaman. Currently full on tanks, though will consider any quality applicant.

Not a Raider? - No problem! We have many M+ groups running each day with a KSM focus.

Contact: Add me on discord JimmyJointz#3302

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hello Depraved!

We are Munchma Quchi on Thrall (AOTC in CN and SoD), and I think we might be just what you’re looking for.

I don’t believe there’s anyone in our raid group under the age of 25, so we’re clearly an adult atmosphere. We all have lives, jobs and families and can’t no-life the game like we did back in the day, but we can still clear content and have a good time together.

We raid Tues/Weds nights at 9:30pm-11:30pm EST. Enchants, consumables and repairs are provided by us for our raiders. We ask that you bring a positive attitude, a good sense of humour, and the willingness to learn. We have dabbled in mythic, and have achieved AOTC in every tier since we began in Legion. We also do the Glory of the [Insert Tier Here] Raider achievements every tier.

We run keys daily, we like to PVP (RBG group is a possibility with enough interest), and some of us play other games outside of WoW (le gasp, I know). We have a Free Company on Crystal - Coeurl in FFXIV, and a bunch of us are CoD/Overwatch addicts.

We are small but active, and we have been consistently playing together as a group since Legion. I myself have been a raid leader since Molten Core was current content. We moved from Daggerspine to Thrall last spring, and we have found some really solid folks to join us thus far. We’d love to have even more while we finish off Shadowlands! We’re looking for people who vibe with our brand of weird, and we tend to keep people for the longhaul. Come for the content, stay for the friends.

If this sounds like the kind of environment for you, hit me up in-game (Annora#1484) or on discord (Annora#0420) for an invite.
‹Munchma Quchi› @ Thrall (US) - Guild Profile (raider.io)
‹Munchma Quchi› @ Daggerspine (US) - Guild Profile (raider.io)
(For historic purposes)

Hey there, while I don’t list us as an AotC only guild - we still are happy to take players mainly looking for heroic! We get AotC every tier and then we dabble in Mythic to see how far we can go, all while keeping a fun and relaxed environment. If this piques any interest please feel free to reach out, hope to hear from you!

Chaotic Neutral is an established semi-hardcore guild located on Alliance Turalyon, while we aren’t a hardcore CE push guild we do like to push as far as we can into mythic with a relaxed and chill raid environment, we’re a guild that prefers to have fun than get angry about progress.
We raid Tues/Weds from 7:30-10:30 pm EST with an optional Saturday Heroic/alt night in the same time frame if we have the people. We were 6/10M CN and 3/10M SoD with Soulrender at 16% until we had to take a break due to many of our raiders having real life pop up.

I’ll leave all our additional info below but if you’re interested then please put in an app on our guild site or add my btag to get in contact, hope to hear from you and if not then good luck on your search!

Guild Site: http://www.cnguild.org/
Forum Post: [A][Turalyon] <Chaotic Neutral> - 8/8H & 3/8M | Recruiting for Dragonflight! Class Needs updated!
Btag: GingerHeals#11438

Hi Depraved, welcome back. You don’t have to worry about catching up, there are some good gear catch up mechanics in place to help returning players get back to around 226 item level.
We are Tom Sellecks Mustache on Thrall (Est) an adult raiding guild. We take a semi-casual approach to raiding, but still strive to get our AoTC every tier.
Take a look at our guild information and if you are interested hit me up for a chat. We don’t do trials or any of that stuff, just chat to see if we both are a good fit.
Good luck in your search.,

Tom Sellecks Mustache a Normal/Heroic Raiding Guild on Thrall (Since 2015) is looking for a more to join us for the end of Shadowlands

At Tom Sellecks Mustache we value the player above all, so we recruit the person behind the mask not the toon. We look for people that want to be part of a family, people that enjoy logging on to be part of a community, and people that remember that this is “a Game”, and it’s supposed to be fun.

TSM is made up of mature adults and we have no time for drama or elitist players, we play the game for what it is “A Game”. We laugh and carry on in Discord while we raid, but we try not to take ourselves too seriously, so we just run back and try again when we die. With a little effort and some encouragement, we get the job done and are able to sit back and laugh about our mistakes but celebrate and enjoy our success.


As a mustachioed person in this guild, I would like to add the following. Mature means that we cut up and have a good time, all the while being respectful, not hurtful. We taunt, cajole, exhort, and tease each other, but never losing an undertone of kindness and a regard for our fellow mustachers.
PS. If you are on the heal team, none of this may apply. :wink:

Currently Seeking:


DPS/Tank Off-spec to fill in and run Mythic +





Raid Schedule:

Tues./Thur. 7:00pm - 9pm EST

TSM is a Normal/Heroic raiding guild, Mythic raiding isn’t our goal.

What we are looking for from You:
We are an Adult guild, most of us have careers/families etc., and understand that sometimes Real Life happens. That being said our time is valuable and we are looking for players that can consistently make it to the raids. We aren’t looking to be server firsts, but we don’t want to be last either.

If you are looking for a positive raiding experience without all the Min-Max Elitist, then we may be the right guild for you. Come talk to us you will not be disappointed.

Contact: Zuul#1119 for more information.

Hi Depraved!

Disorientated could be a good fit for you! We’re an AOTC focused guild on Stormrage, raiding Tues/Thurs 8-11PM EST. We’re looking for another healer or DPS with a strong offspec heals (so spriest could work wonderfully if you’re down for that). In and out of raid we try to keep a balance of serious and fun.

Check out the linked post and get in touch if you want to talk more! Bnet - toasted21#1832

Hello :slight_smile: Abomination - Area 52 is a casual guild. We started as a reroll guild, but are now moving to the next stage. Everyone any level any class is welcome to join us!

Our raid days are Thursday and Friday 7:30pm EST - 10:30pm EST.
Our current progress is 10/10N 10/10H 1/10M. Our goal is to hit heroic at a reasonable pace, achieve AOTC every tier and possibly more. Repairs, flasks, feasts, armor kits, and weapon oils will all provided for each raid when appropriate.

Raid Recruitment Needs:
Any non-mail dps
1 Healer non-mw

If you are not interested in raiding we have people running keys every day. We also have a social/alt raid on Sundays at 7:30pm EST.

So if you are interested in joining us, having some fun, and making new friends or have some questions feel free to join us in discord: discord.gg/abomination

Howdy Dèpraved!

Welcome back!

We would really like a warlock!

The RL/GM and I are Vanilla veterans and most of our crew are adults.

[quote]being a graduate student with plenty of outside the game responsibilities, I don’t have time to put into serious mythic progression.[quote]
We do AOTC….now hear me out….AND mythic. BUT, we raid only 5 hrs/wk. So we are not CE. Our schedule is just too limited for that kind of progression. We are looking for raiders who appreciate non-toxic atmosphere, level-headed and experienced raid leader, and a great group of people.

Generally speaking, especially at the start of a tier, gear is a short-term challenge. Catchup mechanics make it easier for undergeared chars to get ready while we work our way through heroic.

We’re Alliance on Stormrage, so no need to change.

Likewise! If we sound promising, please reach out to Shadizar (Battle Tag: Shadizar#1464 ; Discord: Shadizar#4380).

Good luck in your guild search and hope to hear from you soon.


We are a horde guild on Thrall. I’d love to chat more with you please reply here or hit me on discord emoshift#4658

Hi! I’m looking to add a healer to my team for 9.2! Here’s some info!

Hi! I’m looking for a healer for my team for 9.2
We raid Tuesday & Wednesday 8-10 est. We are Alliance on Earthen Ring Server. Through out the week we run various keys and play other games together. Last patch all actove members achieved KSM with guild and as a guild we have achieved every AotC since WoD. , Please feel free to reach out with questions!! Btag- Isego#1586

Guild: Retaliation

Faction: Alliance

Realm: Earthen Ring (US)

Progression (Heroic) Raids: Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8:00 PM EST/EDT till 10:00pm EST/EDT

Recruiter Contact: Isego#1586 or Carly#1264

We are always recruiting skilled players and players willing to learn regardless of class. We go with a work play hard mentality, where having fun and giving each other a hard time is more important than everything being done perfectly every time.

is looking for players who are interested in the following:

  • Progression (Heroic) raiding
  • Mythic+ dungeon progression
  • Must be 18+ years old
  • Must use Discord for voice communication during group activities

About Us:

Our guild was established in 2007 when we were playing Warhammer Online, and since then we have played various games together, including Guild Wars 2, Rift, SWTOR, Elder Scrolls Online, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, and Diablo 3.

Many of us work full-time (average age is 30’s) and can no longer commit to hardcore raiding progression due to out-of-game responsibilities. However, that doesn’t stop us from having fun and clearing content when we are together! Our primary goal is to clear heroic raids and obtain the “Ahead of the Curve” achievement before the next tier of raid content is released. We have achieved every Curve Achievement since WoD.

Even though we are on an RP server, we do not participate in RP activities, but members are welcome to on their own.

Who We Are Looking For:

We are looking for players who play for fun, but also take the time to min/max their characters. Since we all have busy lives outside of the game, we are building a community of players that give 110% to maximize their performance.

Successful raiders in our guild are characterized by two things: 1) personality; and 2) type of player. Gear is easy to get, but being a good team player is not. If you are number one on DPS but have a toxic personality, then you won’t be a good fit. Conversely, if you are the nicest person in the world but you always stand in fire, we also can not take you into progression raids.

Guild Expectations:

  • Invest effort into making sure you understand your class and role in a fight
  • Demonstrate consistent character progression (login throughout the week)
  • Be on the US-Earthen Ring server (already there or willing to transfer)
  • Have Discord downloaded and working
  • Prepare throughout the week for boss encounters and follow directions from the raid leader
  • Dedicated Raid spots require 80% attendance to progression to maintain status
  • Arrive on time for raids (at least 10-15 minutes early to be invited and travel to the raid location)

How to Apply:

If you are interested in learning more about us, add Isego#1586 or Carly#1264 to your bnet friends list. We look forward to playing with you!

Hey Depraved!
I would kill for a priest of any flavor, and spriest would be especially fantastic!

Summary of our group:
[H] < Secret Door > on Illidan
Raid Days/Times: Tues/Thurs 9pm-12 ET
AotC/M+ guild, super goofy and active discord
Link to more info: [H] Illidan <Secret Door> Heroic Raid/M+

If this sounds like it would be up your alley, I’d really like to hear from you!
My Discord is: Anda#0691

Hello Depraved!

The Mithril Fist on Thrall-US Horde is currently looking for a warlock to fill our ranks and I think you’d be a great fit to our team!

We are an adult AOTC-focused guild (that dabbles in Mythic when we can), looking to have fun and kill some bosses with friends. We also have many members interested in running M+ groups.

If that’s something that interests you, feel free to hit me up either on Discord or Battle.net at:

Looking forward to speaking with you further!


I think our guild might be a good fit for what you are looking for! We are going for AOTC and into mythic but it isnt mandatory by any means. We will be raiding wed/thursday 9-11 est. If youd like to chat you can add me on discord Dem#5747 or battlenet Alikon#11551. Hopeto hear from you soon!

Hi there! It looks like you have a lot of options already but I’ll add one more just in case. Info on our guild below! Happy to help you catch up if it ends up seeming like a good fit in both directions.


Normal & Heroic raiding (no current Mythic)
Wed/Thurs 7-10pm server (PST)
Horde on Hyjal
Seeking DPS

Formed in 2012, Elysium is a small, tight-knit guild consisting mostly of people who have gotten too old/busy/tired of drama for hardcore raiding but still like to get together a couple times a week to nerd out and kill bosses. We’re AOTC-only and have raided consistently through the highs and lows of the last six expansions (with every AOTC along the way). Our raid times are Wed/Thurs 7-10pm server (PST). We also prioritize getting the raid metas every tier for those sweet, sweet Glory mounts.

Outside of raid, we’ve got top pet collectors, mount hunters, altoholics, fashionistas and achievement aficionados. We enjoy Mythic+ and occasionally pretend we can PVP. Some of us even really enjoy Torghast. We all have lives outside the game (kids, jobs, etc) but also greatly value our in-game family. We’re a small guild that won’t have a ton of people on all the time but the people that are on, you’ll know well.

We’re looking for a few more people (specifically DPS right now) to join our family. We are not hardcore optimizers, but do expect everyone to do what they can to help the guild succeed, be open to feedback, and try your best to improve. We have a good time, but also do our best to maintain an inclusive and respectful environment for players of all backgrounds and identities.

If that sounds like what you’re looking for, add me and let’s chat!

Liliova#1249 (battlenet)

Has your guild recently disbanded or quit raiding? Come check us out, we have consistently raided for 16 years and have a tight-knit group of long term players who play to have fun and to successfully progress through raids at our own pace.

Are you introverted, extroverted, or a bit quirky? Are you a grandpa, a first time parent, or have 500 cats? Do you tell lots of dad jokes? You may find your home here.

If you have weekends free and want to have fun with others from the comfort of your computer chair, come join us. Here is our spam:


[A] Descendants of Lore is a semi-casual Alliance raiding guild on Khadgar/Alleria/Exodar/Medivh that has been around and consistently raiding since Vanilla (16 + Years). We are a small to medium sized, close-knit guild of friendly, mature players, with the majority being over the age of 30 with, jobs, families, and adult responsibilities. We are careful with recruiting so no one gets lost in the crowd and everyone has a raid spot.


We offer a laid back environment with dedicated players willing to put in the work to succeed but not at the expense of fun or sanity. We are currently:

6/10 H
10/10 N
1/10 M (with community)

We make a push for Heroic each expansion and sometimes dip a toe into a Mythic boss or two when we have the roster.

We raid Sundays from 4pm-8pm CST. (2-6 pm Pacific) and every other Saturday with plenty of opportunities for Mythic + throughout the week.


Are you a casual player tired of bouncing from one disbanded guild to the next? We have room for you. We have been hanging out and active on the Khadgar server (now includes Alleria/Exodar/Medivh) since Vanilla. While we are primarily a raiding guild we do have social players who do not raid. As social introverts we appreciate the chit chat and social elements you bring to our lives outside of raiding. We also frequently have people running achievements, transmogs, and M+ throughout the week.


We are looking for mature, friendly, active, and dedicated players to join us for Shadowlands and beyond.

If you wish to raid, we expect you to come prepared (food, flasks, enchants, gems, know your class and rotation) and on time, come with a good attitude and know how to wipe with dignity and work towards progress.

We will accept anyone who would be a good fit for our guild, and can currently accommodate almost any class, but are especially looking for a 1-2 heals and dps with the possibility of a raid tank position to the right person to help round out our raid team.

We are consistently raiding, but working to get our raid group back up to 14-20 people after losing some to New World, Diablo, and end of expansion lulls. In the mean time we are using our community channel to fill raids.

If you have made it past the novella, please consider us if you are looking for a fun and friendly environment with an established, long term guild that doesn’t tolerate drama. Or if you are looking for a raid experience filled with silliness and dad jokes.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or wish to consider Descendants of Lore as your new home.

Battlenet: Daveta#1154
Discord: Daveta#5455

Greetings Depraved!

We are an AOTC guild in need of a warlock! We are also an adult oriented guild. Congratulations on graduate school. Check us out:

WARCRAFT is a highly active Alliance raiding guild on the merged realms of Khadgar/Alleria/Exodar/Medivh, and we are recruiting!

Guild established in March of 2015 and has achieved every AOTC since Highmaul.

Highest need: Tank, DPS (mage, lock), Healer with DPS OS

Core spots available. We are looking for reliable and exceptional players to push progression and end game content.

The raid schedule:
Tuesday 8:30p-11:30p EST
Thursday 8:30p-11:30p EST

You are expected to be on time with flasks, pots, enchants, gems, and smiles. *We try to provide flasks, pots, gems, and enchants though guild members. If you need something, just ask!

We expect that raiders put gear up for roll if they do not need the item. We are a TEAMWORK-oriented guild.

The atmosphere:

We are primarily a raiding guild offering a highly active, social, teamwork oriented, adult environment. We believe in player development, including gearing and training players without elitism or cliques. We do not have any ilvl requirements to join our guild. Gear can be easily obtained, but good people are priceless. :slight_smile:

“Special snowflake” accommodations not available. Must understand the difference between helping and having control issues. If ex-military leadership causes “triggers” or meltdowns, this is probably not the guild for you.

Guild Discord server available for your voice chatting needs.

Contact information:
Zoobee-Khadgar (First Officer) (zoobee#1855)

Heya Depraved! If you would consider horde, we sound like we could be a fit for you. Here is a little snippet you can review and if you have any questions please feel free to add me.


Mal’Ganis – US is recruiting all DPS classes and potentially a healer with DPS OS. We are a non-hardcore raiding guild focused on Mythic dungeons, helping others gear, and non-hardcore raiding (AOTC) 4/11 Normal currently and pushing fast!

Raid Times 2 days a week
Tuesday 8-11 PM EST
Thursday 8-11 PM EST

We are a community and family and on non-raid night you might see us doing: Mythic+, WoW hide and seek, mog content, alt runs on Sundays, some casual PvP, and many other random activities and events.

We are active in discord throughout the day and chat with one another as we go about our day. If this sounds like a fit, let’s chat!!