Looking for an ultra chill group to raid with!

See above. I’m here to chill, kill bosses, and get loot! Horde or Alliance, not worried about faction and transfer fees. Ideally looking for 2-3 nights a week at a decent time for EST. Smaller raid groups are preferred!


Hey Cyorei,

If you are open to going horde, we are a group of friends that have played wow together for quite some time. We’ve come together for many of the reasons you are looking for a new guild. Bringing back that sense of guild community, building friendships that last beyond wow, and working together to accomplish the things WoW has to offer!

About us:
Server - [H] Thrall
Raid days - Friday and maybe Saturday 9:30 PM - 12 AM Server (EST)
Eventually community events, dedicated mythic plus groups to help gear or to push keys, and everything in between!

Our guild is relatively small but looking to grow slowly with the right type of people. If this sounds like something you’d be interested let me know. I’d be happy to talk more.

Discord: Star#0985

Hey there, not sure what class/spec you play but we’d love to add some more dps to our roster! I’d say we’re a pretty chill bunch who prioritize fun over prog but we’re still able to focus up and get bosses down when we need to without all the toxicity some guilds have while progressing. I’ll leave all our copy-paste below but please hit us up if we sound like what you’re after!

Chaotic Neutral is an established semi-hardcore guild located on Alliance Turalyon, while we aren’t a hardcore CE push guild we do like to push as far as we can into mythic with a relaxed and chill raid environment, we raid Tues/Weds from 7:30-10:30 pm EST with an optional Saturday Heroic/alt night in the same time frame if we have the people. As of writing this we are 10/10N, 10/10H & 3/10M and have gotten Soulrender to 16% this week.

I’ll leave all our additional info below but if you’re interested then please put in an app on our guild site or add one of the btags to get in contact, hope to hear from you and if not then good luck on your search!

Guild Site: http://www.cnguild.org/
Forum Post: [A] <Chaotic Neutral> Recruiting for Shadowlands!
Wowprog: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/turalyon/Chaotic+Neutral
Btags: GM - Wandappy#1921 | Recruitment - GingerHeals#11438

Hello Cyorei,
Horde on Zul’jin. We are currently 5/10 Heroic and looking for DPS (melee & ranged) & healers with a dps offspec. Our raid times are Tues & Wed 7pm - 10pm EST. Food, Flasks, & repairs provided. We offer a non toxic, family friendly raid & guild environment. Casuals are also welcome.

If you have any questions about the guild you can use Bnet ID (raregeneralk#1679).

Hi Cyorei,

Retaliation is an alliance heroic progression guild that has been raiding and playing together in various games for over 10 years. We enjoy giving each other a hard time while still being successful.

Retaliation raids on Tuesday and Wednesday nights 8 PM to 10 PM ET. We use Discord for voice communication and go with a work hard play hard mentality. We also require a mythic+ to be completed each week to assist with progression. (We do these as a guild).

More details - AOTC Guild Recruiting - Come give each other crap with us!

Please if interested reach out to Isego#1586

Hey Cyorei!

MGB (2/10M & AOTC) is currently recruiting! Message us if you’re interested in joining!!

Discord: Ali_A#1167
Discord: Deadlift#4338

Guild Environment:
We are a mature all around guild with the largest social community in our server faction. We are mainly focused on raiding progression but during non-raid days we dabble in high-end PvP and M+ content as well.

Raid Team:
Our raiding goals are to grow our team and take down all the Mythic bosses we can!! Off-meta specs and covenants are welcome if you can play them well. We foster learning and improvement in our raid group but we will bench players when needed in order to kill a boss.

What we’re looking for:
Any strong players but especially a Death Knight, Druid, Monk, Priest, Rogue, or Warrior.

Raid Times/Days: Tuesday/Thursday 8:30 pm Eastern to 11:30 pm Eastern


VODs of our raids: https://www.twitch.tv/deadliftsc

Hi there Cyorei!

Murloc Madness may be a good fit for you! We are currently recruiting DPS and a tank for our raid team. Feel free to reach out with any questions and best of luck in your search!

<Murloc Madness>
About Us: <Murloc Madness> is a casual heroic weekend raiding guild located on Area 52 that aims for AOTC every tier while maintaining a relaxed, fun and positive atmosphere. We have been successful in achieving our goals since Legion. When we’re not raiding, our members are hanging out in Discord playing various games together or just chatting.
Raid Schedule: Friday & Saturday 10pm-1am EST
Progression: 9/10H SoD | 10/10H CN | All BfA & Legion AOTC
Website: Apply at https://murlocmadness.enjin.com/
More Info: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/area-52/Murloc+Madness

Officer: Aszuna (Discord: Aszuna#8963)
Spread the Madness!

–| Rain | – is a newly formed guild devoted to creating a fun, engaging, raid atmosphere that focuses on progression and player improvement. We are led by Cutting Edge (CE) experienced raiders who are dedicated to our raiders. We value your time and will always work hard to make sure it’s well spent raiding with us. If you are interested in helping us grow, please apply below. Here are a few things we feel sets us apart from other guilds.

  • Your loot is yours! We will NEVER ask you to give up your hard earned loot.
  • Multiple Raider Ranks. The longer you raid with us the higher your raider rank and privileges grow. (You can find more info on Guild Ranks bellow)
  • Open Officer Meetings. You won’t see our officers running into a private channel after the raid! We discuss player performance, fight strategy, and guild direction openly. We are a team!
  • Community Representative (CR). All guild members may vote bi-weekly for their representative. The guild member with the most votes is rewarded the rank of CR which has all Officer privileges and will be the guild’s voice during Officer Meetings.
  • A Gaming Community not just a WoW Guild. We play a handful of other games like Final Fantasy XIV, MineCraft, Pokemon Unite, and much more! We believe a guild that games together stays together!

Our goal is to complete 10/10 Heroic Sanctum of Domination each week until we grow a roster strong enough to tackle Mythic. If you are interested in helping strengthen our roster please apply below. We have core spots and officer positions available!

Current progress is 9/10 Heroic. Core Raid times are Tuesday - Wednesday 9-11:30PM EST with an optional raid voted each week by the Guild (has been Saturday evening)

For More information, or to speak to someone:
or hit me up on Discord : Bwill#0463

Hi Cyorei!

Disorientated could be a good fit for you! We’re a relatively small Alliance raiding guild on Stormrage, focusing on AOTC progression. We’re 6/10H and should be getting a good night of pulls in on Guardian tonight. Raids are Tues/Fri 8-11PM EST, potentially switching to Tues/Thurs in the near future. Outside of raids guildies will run some keys at night, level alts, and we host an alt raid most weekends.

Check out the linked post for more details or get in touch if you think we’d be a good fit for you! bnet - toasted21#1832

Hey Cyorei,

Check out the latest recruitment post for the guild I’m in. We’re a pretty tightknit group on the smaller side and we’re 7/10 H with an AOTC goal. Most of us have RL commitments like family, work etc. Contact info is in the post!

Would love to chat, we are looking to bring up the roster a bit. Our info is in our recruitment post:

Hi, we are a smaller group with extremely experienced members. Most of us have been playing and raiding since Vanilla and many of us have been playing together since then. We are pretty laid back but also goal oriented and we push for AOTC every tier as well as push into higher mythic keys.

Please feel free to reach out to me in game Senjin#1593

Hey there Friend!

I represent a small Horde guild, on Icecrown, that just might be a really good fit for you, depending on what your end game goals, and availability are! We are very active on our Discord, and are always looking for more friends!

We are small, tight knit, and just getting our end game traction going. We would be a great place for you to thrive, based on what you’re looking for!

I am gonna link my “recruiting” post, as I think that will (hopefully) provide some info about us. I’d love to chat with you, if you find that it interests you!

Good evening Cyorei,

We are looking to add some pumpers to our Mythic Raid team.

We are 10/10 H and 3/10 M with remnant down to 9%. We also raid Tuesday and Wednesday 8-11 EST.
Add slegEr#1552 for more information.


Hi Cyorei!

I’m a recruitment officer for our horde Guild on Zul’jin server called Found a Green Quest. We are currently recruiting all roles for mythic keytstobes, achievement runs, PvP and more. We are in need of dps for our Friday/Saturday raid team. Please check out our recruitment post below. If you’re interested, please feel free to add me below. Would love to chat with you!

Found a Green Quest is a Horde US social/raiding guild on Zul’jin server recruiting all classes and roles (tanks, healers and dps) for mythic keystones, PvP, achievement runs and more! We host weekly events such as Mythic Mondays, guild gold raffle, Wednesday Mythic Workshops & more. We have an active Guild chat and discord server. Not on Zul’jin server, and unable to server transfer at this time? No problem. We have an in game cross realm community for members to join as well! We have a Fri/Sat raid team that’s looking for dps. Our Fri/Sat raid team is 10/10 Normal 2/10 Heroic SoD & with the shared goal on getting AOTC! We are friendly & we have a zero tolerance to drama. If interested, please send me a friend request and message on either platform.

Battle tag: Kiua#1912

Discord: Kiuayoukai#2395

In game: Kiuayoukai-Zul’jin

Hiya Cyorei!

[A] House Brighthammer (Wyrmrest Accord) is a smallish guild that raids Normal/Heroic (and sometimes dabbles in Mythic), does M+, and sometimes other activities together. We have been looking for a healer and a ranged dps for our raid team and M+. We would like to invite you to check out our team. Raid times are Sunday and Monday 10 PM - 1 AM EST (Unsure if that fits into your decent time). We have family raid nights (Normal clears for alts, shards, or catch up) on Wednesdays in the same time slot. We use two-way Discord communication. If you are interested, I’d love to hear from you at Aristiri #1425 Bnet, or Akaitaka #9181 on Discord.

We are a guild on dalaran which raids heroic and normal sod. We are currently in need of everything. We do mythic plus and we raid at least 3-4 times a week. We dont yell at each other and we have great times in our groups. We have a very active discord and we have a lottery. We do not have aotc yet but that is why we are recruiting. We have no drama which is also nice and its not tolerated at the same time. Our raid times are 8-10 server sat and sun for heroic and 8-10 server tuesdays and thursdays for normal. If you are not geared we will help. Please help us fill our ranks and our chat with fun as we journey across azeroth…

Hello Cyorei! I am the GM of a guild with a smaller raid team. We are Alliance and on stormrage. We raid on Thursdays from 9:00pm to 12:00am for fun, and we progress on Fri and Sat 9:30 pm to 12:30 am eastern time. We are currently looking for another tank, healer and we have 2 dps spots open. We are motivated and serious about achieving AOTC, but we do it in a laid back environment! We would love to have you as an addition to our team! Please reach out to me either on discord amereigna#5161 or on Btag DireRaven#1113911 as I think you would be a perfect fit for our team and I would love to chat and answer any questions you might have about our family! Looking forward to hear from you!

[A] Descendants of Lore is a semi-casual Alliance raiding guild on Khadgar/Alleria/Exodar/Medivh that has been around and consistently raiding since Vanilla (15 + Years). We are a small to medium sized, close-knit guild of friendly, mature players, with the majority being over the age of 30 with, jobs, families, and adult responsibilities. We are careful with recruiting so no one gets lost in the crowd and everyone has a raid spot.

We offer a laid back environment with dedicated players willing to put in the work to succeed but not at the expense of fun or sanity. We are currently:

6/10 H
10/10 N

We make a push for Heroic each expansion and sometimes dip a toe into a Mythic boss or two when we have the roster.

We raid Sundays from 4pm-8pm CST. (2-6 pm Pacific) and every other Saturday with plenty of opportunities for Mythic + throughout the week.

We are looking for mature, friendly, active, and dedicated players to join us for Shadowlands and beyond.

If you wish to raid, we expect you to come prepared (food, flasks, enchants, gems, know your class and rotation) and on time, come with a good attitude and know how to wipe with dignity and work towards progress.

We will accept anyone who would be a good fit for our guild, and can currently accommodate almost any class, but are especially looking for a Death Knight, Mage Balance Druid, and 1 healer to round out our raid team. Also, may have room for 1 experienced raid tank for the right person. We are consistently raiding, but are working to get our raid group back up to 14 from 10.

If you have made it past the novella, please consider us if you are looking for a fun and friendly environment with an established, long term guild that doesn’t tolerate drama. Or if you are looking for a raid experience filled with silliness and dad jokes.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or wish to consider Descendants of Lore as your new home.

Battlenet: Daveta#1154
Discord: Daveta#5455

BiOL is always looking for peeps of all kinds. We have casuals, those who do heroic raid (usually weds nights), and mythic prog and final heroic bosses on the weekend so all are welcome. Check us out and if interested give me a poke or apply and we can chat.
Happy home hunting!