Looking for an RP guild to migrate to

I’m fairly new to constant RP, but I’ve been doing it off and on for a few years now. I’d like to move over to Moon Guard and join a guild. Does anyone have any recommendations for that?

Pug RP has been mostly dog-doo.

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it is a party attend and social event hosting guild, we go to daily server events and host fun events for the community

The ranks/jobs we hire for are:

Revellers: people we hire to go to parties, have fun, drink if they want to, and make new friends, these folks are paid 100 gold per party they attend and are basicually people that bring positivity to events. ^^

Merchants: Anyone that is a vendor of some sort , these folks run booths at events we attend and host or walk around the crowd and sell their product , each event they sell their goods at they are paid 200 gold plus anything they charge for their products sold.

The Talent: These are the folks that perform and like to entertain people. This job is for those with a special talent they enjoy such as singers, dancers, fortune tellers, bards, magicains, artists, comedians, card dealers and anything else that is a-

NON- erp talent ^^

then the Hosts are the event planners and officers

We also recruit bouncers to work security at our events <3

Hi! The Redridge Irregulars is an awesome guild. We’re laid back and extremely friendly to new RPers. Give a shout to anyone who’s online!

OP, I think it would help people here a lot if you gave more details on what style(s) of RP you are interested in. RP guild concepts vary widely (from socialites, to combat/paramilitary/mercenary, to NPC type vendors and smiths, to church or holy groups, to adventurers/explorers, to criminal organizations, to city guards, to healers / mental health clinics, and so much more.

Some are very serious, some more light-hearted. And some are purely RP while others do both RP and raiding/dungeon diving. Some have more rigid time requirements and some are looser. Etc.

So tell us, what type(s) are you interested in? :slight_smile:


I’m relatively busy outside of WoW, but I have a lot more free time than others. I do think I’d like to do some pve/pvp content alongside RP, and the RP not be extremely serious.

So I guess I’m looking for a lax-RP guild, that does pve/pvp content, and is flexible in their RP scenarios. So I can try as many RP scenarios as I possibly can, to see what I like. :slight_smile:

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Personally I might recommend trying out public RP to find what it is you like and then go from there.

Edit: Just saw the pub RP has been dog doo. RIP. Some of it is certainly better than others. Typically if you can find kind of a niche group within pub RP then you’ll start finding better quality in my experience.

I’ve been on Moon Guard for about 3 weeks now. Loving it! I ended up joining The Redridge Irregulars.