Looking for a way to shorten a castsequence macro

Hey guys I’m wondering if the following macro could be shortened by people with more macro related experience than me. (Macro itself works fine for the intended purpose just hitting the character limit fairly quickly)

#show Judgment
/castsequence [@mouseover,exists]reset=5 Judgment,Holy Shock
/castsequence [@target,harm]reset=5 Judgment,Holy Shock,Vanquisher’s Hammer
/castsequence [@targettarget,harm]reset=5 Judgment,Holy Shock,Vanquisher’s Hammer

#show Judgment
/castsequence [@mouseover,exists]reset=5 Judgment,Holy Shock;[harm]Judgment,Holy Shock,Vanquisher's Hammer;[@targettarget,harm]reset=5 Judgment,Holy Shock,Vanquisher's Hammer

I don’t generally do Cast Sequence macros. They’re almost always a Bad Idea (they break, and when they do, you still need to have the muscle memory to do the spells individually, so why not just do them individually all the time?).

But I think that’ll do what you want.

If it were me, I’d add “harm” to the mouseover because Judgment doesn’t appear to have a “friendly target” option and it’s really easy to be on the wrong nameplate in the scrum, but that’s just me.


Typo alert. Remove the / slash before “#show”.

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You can combine the last 2 sequences entirely.

/castsequence [@mouseover,exists,nodead]reset=5 Judgment,Holy Shock;[harm] [@targettarget,harm,nodead][]reset=5 Judgment,Holy Shock,Vanquisher's Hammer

I like them for healing in arena. With that particular macro I can dot snipe rogues/totems without having to target them and the castsequence tot allows me to (as example on my resto druid ) build up combo points for the next maim stun while keeping my partner as target / not constantly having to switch between friendly and enemy targets.

This is slightly unrelated but can I say that you have help me immensely Elvenbane. Thank you for your Macro wizardry. May I ask where one learned in such depth? Programming/Coding background?

Mostly self/community taught, especially for wow macros. Started writing em in BC, using references from WoWWiki, and haven’t looked back.