Looking for a Semi-Hardcore guild

Hello, my guild died right before Ulduar and I’m looking for an active raiding guild that has cleared all content. I would like to get back into the game before ToGC release. I have a 80 DK and an 80 Warrior both Naxx geared.

My Naxx Logs are from Tora-Skyfury

Hey, while we haven’t really pushed a ton of HM 25m content, we did clear all Normal bosses. You could check us out. We are looking to rebuild for 25m to get HMs done and prepare for ToC/ICC, currently doing 10M Hms.

Mankrik - [Grievance] Rebuilding to form a new 25 man team WoW Classic New Guild Listings

Hey I am tingtang from Tunnel Snakes from Whitemane we are 8/9HM currently, looking for some melee DPS at this time. We raid Tu/Th 5-8ST if you are interested hit me up on bnet: Bigzz#11745