Looking for a progression Mythic guild


I have ben raiding in wow since WOTLK and am looking to get into some of the harder content. My goal would be to get cutting edge for the next tier. I’m looking for a semi serious /serious mythic Guild. While I don’t have much raiding experience past heroic 2/8m this tier. I am confident I can bring the skills necessary to help a guild get cutting edge this next raid tier.

Raid times

I can raid

Monday any time after 8pm EST

Tuesday-Sunday any time after 6PM EST

I am currently 373 Frost mage 7/8 Heroic on skywall
8/8 H on my other toons

I would not mind trying out for a raid team to see if I’m a good fit. I also understand that mythic raiding can be different in terms of what classes are needed for certain strats and understand the mixing and matching that comes with it.

My logs

h ttps://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/skywall/permaphrost#bybracket=1

PS I also have a 382 blood Dk and a 370+ BM/MW monk

Battle tag Fortybelow#1205
Also faction change is not out of the question (as well as server transfer)
and i also love pushing m+ keys

Welcome to Casually Elite!

Team Roles
• Raid Leader: Tauntplease
• Grand Council: Pave, Ren and Jovinst

• Tomb of Sargeras: 9/9 H (AoTC)
• Antorus, the Burning Throne: 11/11 H (AoTC) 3/11 M
• Uldir: 8/8 H 2/8 M

Raid Times (PST) Sun/Tues: 7-10 PM

Full Schedule
• Tuesday: 7-10 PM Progression Raid
• Wednesday: 7-9 PM Alt Raid Night
• Thursday: 7-9 PM Mythic+ hosted by Tauntplease
• Friday: 7-9 PM Mythic+ hosted by Jovinst
• Saturday: 7-9 PM Mythic+ hosted by Tauntplease
• Sunday: 7-10 PM Progression Raid
• Monday: 7-9 PM Mythic+ hosted by Jovinst

Raider Expectations
• Show up with full enchants/gems
• Come with 40 pots, 3 flasks, 40 food (Flasks and Food may be covered)
• Watch strat videos ahead of time, RL will post videos of the strats we will be using.
• If you can’t make raid please post to #cant_make_raid channel in Discord.
• Members with full attendance will get first slots in Mythic Raids.
• There will be a short break half way through raid, take this time to ask for enchants and gems on newly won gear.
Required Addons
• DBM or Bigwigs
• Angry Assignments (Interface > Angry Assignments > Backdrop Color > Increase A slider until text is easier to read)

  • Recommended Addons
    • Weak Auras 2
    • GTFO

Recruitment Needs
• 1 Arcane / Frost Mage
• 1 Warrior DPS
Will review all Ranged DPS
Send me an invite in B-Net to talk if you are interested, Jovins#1628


I am the recruitment officer for Diminishing Returns on Dalaran. We recently moved the guild from Kael’thas after running a raiding guild on that server for 13 years. We moved off Kael’thas because it is a dead server.

We raid Tuesday and Wednesday 8pm till 11pm est. There could be an additional day of a Thursday here and there for progression reasons, but that will be limited.

We are currently looking for a mage on our raid roster and would love to have you. Stability is key here and I think you could find a great home, with great people for many years to come. I added you :slight_smile:

Thank you,

Hello Permaphrost,

We would love to have you join our team! We’re looking for both rdps and healers especially for next raid tier! We’re a pretty laid back group that plays other games outside of WoW, and pride ourselves in a community that likes to have fun but take ourselves seriously during raid.

Our guild information is located at the link below!
[A] <Mechanically Challenged> 3/8M LF RDPS/HEALS

If you are interested contact us at:
Battletag: Yuneel#11582, Kalivar#1575, or Unicornz#1860
Discord: Yuneel#3181, Kalivar#5603, or Unicornz20#3047


<Mechanically Challenged>
Progression: 8/8H 3/8M Vectis 16%
Times: Tuesdays and Friday 9pm-12am

Hey Permaphrost!

I’m a Raid Officer for the R05 Team “Hallowed Ground” in the guild Regency. We’re looking for more strong players interested in raiding mythic/pushing for CE to finish out Uldir and go into BoD to refill our roster after some BFA burnout.
Check us out and give us a shout if you have any questions. :slight_smile:

Happy Holidays!

Raid Times

Recruitment Needs


The Crimson Cross of Lightbringer (Alliance) is looking for excellent players. We are specifically recruiting for our Mythic Raid Team, with a primary goal of Cutting Edge every tier.

Current Progression: 8/8H 4/8M

Raid Days/Times:

Tuesday/Thursday 6:45pm - 9:45pm PST

Sunday 6:45pm - 9:45pm PST is used for progression during the first month of a new tier, after that it becomes the optional Heroic raid clear.

We look for a 90% attendance commitment to be on our core raid team.

Currently Recruiting: All exceptional dps, with good attitudes and personality.

Tank and Heals: Closed.


  • Demon Hunter

  • Monk

  • Boomkin

  • Hunter

  • Warlock

  • Mage

All exceptional ranged DPS are encouraged to apply.

About Us:

The Crimson Cross is a gaming community and currently holds the Guinness World Record for Longest Active Online Gaming Guild. We have been together through various games for many years, and we made our home here in WoW starting with Legion.

Our goals are simple: we want to push into mythic raiding as deep as we can each tier while raiding with people we like and trust. We are aiming for Cutting Edge every tier.

Outside of raids, we enjoy running M+ dungeons, hunting for achievements, pets and mounts. We also play other games together such as Heroes, Path of Exile, and the occasional DnD campaign. For the past several years, we have gathered in person at least once per year to hang out, drink and play board games. It’s a good time, folks!

What we offer:

  • A community where you can grow as a player.

  • A raid team where spots are given based on merit, not favoritism.

  • A transparent leadership team that encourages members to be involved.

  • A guild where you will get back as much as you put into it.

  • A non-raiding member rank for friends and family (over the age of 18) of full guild members.

  • Two character raiding system for all Mythic raiders. Not Required This is considered a benefit to those who want to maintain a raiding alt

What we want:

  • Adults (18+) that can take being roasted if they make a mistake, or help dish it out when needed.

  • Players with a strong raiding background that are looking for a guild home - not just a place to play the latest raid tier.

  • Players that are social and enjoy interacting with others outside of raid times.

  • Players that want to continue to improve and push themselves to play content at the highest level even as their time to play is perhaps less than it once was due to family life, work, etc.

If you have any questions or are interested in more information, please contact us:

General App: bit.ly/tccraid

Guild Leader - Cercie#1790 (bnet) or Cercie#2380 (Discord)

Raid Leader - r3con#11395 (bnet) or r3con#4078 (Discord)

Community Lead - FleurDeMur#1446 (bnet) or FleurDeMur#1942 (Discord)

Hey, <Miss You Already> [A] is an 8/8M guild who could use some additional ranged DPS for the remaining tier farm plus next tier. Currently located on Proudmoore.

Raid times are 8-11 PST (11-2 EST) Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

You can app at our discord here: https://discord.gg/ay3VRn9