Looking for a New RP Home/Guild

Hello! So, I guess it’s just what the title says. I’m in need of a new RP guild, and was wondering if there’d be anyone here who thinks I’m a good fit. Some of the things I’m looking for is…

  1. Medium to Heavy RP with the occasional light themes: I enjoy guilds that have weekly events and serious RP. I do also enjoy it when a guild has a couple of lighthearted, social events too, where the members can just ICly hang out, play games, drink, and get to know each other.

  2. I’ll try to make it to events, but event attendance not being mandatory would be nice: As it says, my schedule is pretty free and I do try to make it to most events. But sometimes real life happens or I’m just worn out, and I might not be able to make it to every one. Say there’s… 4 events a week? Every once in awhile I might only make it to the two or three. If it’s a one event a week deal, I might not make it every week, but most weeks. That sort of thing.

  3. Okay with welcoming a character that might be somewhat neutral. What with current events, it’s probably going to be hard to find a guild that is neutral, and for very fair reason! But I think my character would do best in a guild where she isn’t going to feel like she’s going to be killed in her sleep by an insulted guild for her Cross RP adventures. Also, she’s okay with defending invaded lands from the Horde, say Darkshore for example. But she doesn’t like killing straight up Horde civilians minding their business, because Cross RP tends to do that to ya :stuck_out_tongue:

  4. Not necessary, but exploration is pretty cool? Or having camps? Krickt, as a hunter, loves camps. It’s kind of her thing. If you plop her into a camp, she’ll make you the best darn jerky this side of Azeroth :stuck_out_tongue:

  5. She’s neutral good, so a guild that’s not going to be doing shady stuff or killing people with shady/questionable means would probably be best. On the other hand, a very lawful good/militant guild might be too much for her as well. An adventure guild would be pretty swell. Also if somehow there was a neutral guild, that’d be double swell, though I understand why they’re rare.

My Character:

As for what the character is like? Well, she’s a neutral good Gnome hunter. She has skills with survival and wilderness navigation. She also, while not capable of nature magic, knows her share about biology and knows how to deal with or avoid most beasties (preferably without having to hurt them. Unless, y’know, she has to for food or shelter.)

That’s another thing. While she may be a hunter, she doesn’t like trophy hunting or being “that guy” being sent off to kill x or y animal just because it’s annoying or scaring everyone. Animals are her passion, but also her soft spot, and while emergency exceptions do come up, she’d be more likely to shoo off an animal or help a group sneak past one than she would be to kill it. She’s also a sharpshooter. She shoot good.

As a Gnome, while she doesn’t often have time to tinker, that is also another skill set she has. Need something built? Depending on how complex, she can either brain-pick a few other engineers or build it herself. How long would depend on how complex. She also is a decent cook. After all, when you live in the woods, it helps knowing how to not just make the same thing week after week :stuck_out_tongue:

As for personality, she’s polite and friendly, though a little quiet. She’s spent most of her life isolated and as such has more experience socializing with animals or robots than she does other human(oids.) But she’s getting better, and she is coming out of her shell!

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The Cutting Edge maybe a good place to start your search. Has a healthy group of us Gnomes in it!

Any interest in archaeology and adventure? If you’re into neutral groups, Modan Co might be up your alley!


Oh, she loves stuff like that! Thank you for your suggestion; I’ll look into them! :slight_smile:

(It’s not letting me reply to you on Krickt, so let’s see if this works…)

I know Tiff Nott from Cutting Edge, and Kacey seems so nice! I’ll take a look, thank you! :slight_smile:

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I’m in the same boat. Been looking for an RP guild home for my characters for a long time time now, and I’ve had very little luck. I have a character in Cutting Edge, but nobody seems to speak to anybody in the guild unless you’re already friends with them, so I’m considering leaving. But I don’t want to hijack this thread, so I’ll shut up now. Happy hunting, OP.

No, no, you’re fine! And hey, that’s helpful knowing, so thanks!

If you’d like to check out the Cutting Edge feel free to visit our website at
www. cuttingedgemoonguard .org
(I have to do spaces due to forum rules)

We’re a large guild so at times, like Reth said, the chat can get flooded with friends talking with each other. HOWEVER, when it comes to RP we’re always open and up for it! You can walk up, say some hellos, and make some new friends quite easily.

Also, Modan Co is a pretty cool group of people! I’d suggest checking into them also :smiley:

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I would like to state that I am an outsider of this guild, and not directly affiliated with them. If you’re looking for a guild that is very charismatic about the quality of their RP, I suggest the guild: “The Cutting Edge.”
With all the things you’ve addressed I’m sure they’ll be willing to take you in, and gravitate to what your searching for. From what I’ve witnessed I’ve seen them conform to a diverse group of roleplayers, and ultimately what matters most is that the community itself is not a toxic environment, but a friendly & welcoming one.
You will definitely find that kind of environment in The Cutting Edge guild.

Its literally that easy, and they’re super fun to be around.

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I think your gnome character sounds pretty cool. You could even take that character and roll as a goblin no problem. If you’re willing to roll horde and more so goblin to boot then I’d recommend the guild I’m in. Weekly guild rp events, weekly legacy raids, weekly battlegrounds, dungeons, and beginning this Friday we’re raiding current content. I transferred from Stormrage, as well as faction changed just to join it. Haven’t looked back. Heres a link to our guild recruitment post


So I went ahead and joined The Cutting Edge on my main. Thus far, I have not been disappointed. Kaceys in particular has gone out of her way to make me feel welcome, as has the lead officer. It’s a nice feeling.

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-let’s out a hacking cough as she emerges from a cloud of smoke smelling of explosives and gun powder-

“Jerky yah say? Adventure ya say? Tinkering and being neutral good? Well Lass, The Tinkerers Union might be just tha’ thing you been looking fer.”

Hey, my guild officers and I have just started our guild back up after a bit of a hiatus, and I saw your post here on the forums. So, to make it short and sweet I thought I’d take a swing at recruiting you cause you sound like someone that I would want to go on hunting trips with (finding cool hunter pets :dog2::fox_face::cat2::tiger2::leopard:), make stuff blow up along side, or hell just get into some trouble with without getting ourselves killed…or at least trying not to…hehe…add me to btag if you feel like taking a swing at giving a bunch of fellow Tinkerers a chance:

Or just send me an ingame letter


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