Looking for a new home!

Hey all. I’ve had a hard time trying to find a new guild, so I figured I’d try over here on the forums.

I tend to ramble a bit so I’ll do the TL;DR here:

  • Semi-casual Australian playing in the wrong timezone
  • 413 main; 6/9H but AOTC.
  • 1.2k io, but usually just stick to the same group of people for keys.

The long version?

Basically, just looking for a new guild to call home. I’m in Australia so I’m mostly just looking for something that isn’t completely dead for half the time I’m online, which is usually between around 5PM server, until early/mid morning the next day. Granted, I realise I’m playing on a US server, so I can accept that I’m likely not going to find a guild where the only people who are on, are night owls.

I’m more casual based, usually running keys with a group of friends most days of the week in the morning (well, my morning), but then the rest of my afternoon is usually just levelling alts, farming, or stuff I can easily do on my own. I don’t hate that, but I wouldn’t mind having a few people to talk to or queue up with for something either.

I would’ve liked to get more of BoD done, but my degree takes up a lot of my time and so I had to skip out on a lot of runs. That, and it usually takes me a little bit to get comfortable within a new group anyway, so when that group is constantly changing… You get where I’m going with this.

Anyway, if you made it to the end of this, I’m impressed. If you want to find me on BNet instead, you can just add April#12875.

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I love your mog! As far as PvE content goes… I don’t think this is not only the wrong server due to timezone, but the wrong server for PvE content as well. Most of us are RPers that do PvE content instead of the other way around. D:

However, I can do keys casually as a person during those times. My guild isn’t PvE oriented, however.

Thank you!

And yeah, I know. I joined WrA due to friends playing on it, but now I have too many alts that I don’t really want to (and probably can’t afford to) move over to something more PvE orientated.

You would only really need to transfer your main character, since most everything aside from hardcore raid progression can be done cross-realm with BattleTag invites. The only issue would be if you are reliant on alts for trade skill materials. But wealth can be transferred between servers with battle pets, so it’s not too bad otherwise.

I haven’t seen any recruitment posts for late night raiding guilds specifically, but I have seen at least one late night-early morning server time guild recruiting. There’s always plenty of people to talk to regardless of the time. I guess it all depends on how badly you want to finish those raids. I wouldn’t make any decisions until a few weeks after 8.2 though, server population will probably pick up when that drops and you might find yourself a new guild that raids during your schedule.

Raiding isn’t really a priority of mine, if I’m honest. But I do take for granted being able to mail everything between alts as well. :frowning:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen any late night posts either, at least not for raiding. I know I’d need to look into an OCE guild if I wanted to take that seriously anyway. It’s mostly just having people to talk to while I’m on. Joining a guild where it’s completely empty from like 10PM - 6AM just feels like a waste to me.

Thank you for the response, though!

There are a couple of non-RP PvE guilds. And many RP guilds run some PvE. We do weekly Mythic dungeons for instance.

Have you looked through WoW progress website look through the guilds that raid? I feel sure there are guilds that do raid content in the hours you said.
I know its a little work but most of the guilds do have information on that website what they are looking for.
I encourage you to keep looking you might find your fit.
Good Luck