Looking for a morning guild for Raid/M+/RP

Hello MG! ^^

I’ve been a very casual wow player since 2007ish and I’ve been having so much fun since playing again. So much so that I’m hoping to find a home dedicated to being active in the morning (server time).

My only experience with raiding is LFR and some PUG for normals occasionally. I admit i have mostly watched guide videos before joining any raids and I have no experience learning a fight fresh; but I enjoy learning and have a positive attitude towards working with a team and problem solving – fair criticism included!

As for Mythic+ I’ve only casually PUG’d up to 16; only stopping to level other healers and wanting to explore other playstyles.

Speaking of which I’m very confident that I will be maining my MW monk for the upcoming 10.2 patch! I’ve been enjoying every aspect of it and the changes in the future look exciting.

I would describe my personal playstyle as a more healing/supportive role. I am also open to playing and learning offspec dps roles to help the guild if needed.

Just wanted to put myself out there and see what happens :] If you have any further questions feel free to reach out on discord.


Bump, would also like to discover a guild like this.