Looking for a home

me and two of my friends are looking for a new home

we like to rbg and raid so looking for a guild that has there hands in both

I’m a boomkin 448 ele shaman 440 or a lock 438

my other friend is a rogue he is 448

and my last friend she is a monk healers she is 447

we haven’t done raiding in a while due to work and real-life stuff but looking to get back into it rbg we are around 1800 exp but again haven’t really done anything this expac but we all know how to play our classes and have watch videos on current raids

if anyone wants us please let me know

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Good afternoon . Pantheon raids Tues/Weds 7pm to 10pm est. We can fit all 3 of you in. We also run mythic+ throughout the week. Our main goal is always AOTC, if we have the numbers we try for some mythic. Just being upfront, we don’t run rbg’s, I know a couple of us have always talked about it. Maybe we could get that ball rolling together :). We are a guild founded in 2007, pretty laid back adult group. Would love to have you around for 8.3 and beyond. If you wanna chat more add me Kaj#11882

**Perseverance** - Currently 6/12H, 8/12N

Raid Days/Times:
Tuesday and Thursday 9-12 cst (10-1 est, 7-10 pst)

Recruitment Needs:

WW Monk (preferably with Brew OS)
Shadow Priest
Havoc DH

Always recruiting exceptional dps with positive, friendly attitudes!

About us:
We are a recently formed guild on Sargeras made up of a handful of folks who’ve been raiding together for awhile as well as a few newer folks. We are a group of adults with lives outside of WoW… ok so that might be a bit of a stretch. But most of us do have jobs, spouses, kids, etc. keeping us busy IRL, so when we log into the game, we’re here to have fun and unwind. With a limited 2-day schedule, we do take raid time seriously, but we also value our fairly relaxed, social atmosphere.

Our focus is on completing AotC every tier, and then we will tackle mythic fights as time allows. We will not push for mythic progression at the expense of our atmosphere

We are also looking for more folks interested in dedicated mythic + groups. We currently have several members who enjoy running them and would like to add a few more to our roster to give them the opportunity to push a little higher more regularly.

If you have any questions or would like to set up a trial run, you can contact myself or an officer in game at


Reckless Impulse (Thrall, Horde) Looking for some friendly faces as well as looking for dedicated raiders that will show up both Sat and Sun 1 pm -5 pm est(10 am – 3 pm pst) that understand simple raid mechanics to help progress from Heroics into Mythic Ny’alotha, The Waking City and straight into Shadowlands. Mythic dungeons are ran daily so there is no need to pug them, we are a very laid back guild until raid time so no snowflakes or thin skinned individuals are welcome. We are currently in need of a Shaman Healer – Disc Priest and a few extra DPS. If interested and reliable hit up Fiftygold#1685 or Austn#1493 in game or [Discord: discord.gg/Gz2JM9]. Lets Get After it!!!

Hi Gaijin!

Found a Green Quest, now recruiting for 8.3, Shadowlands & beyond! Horde PVE guild with a cross-realm community is located on Zul’jin. We’re a small but growing fun, friendly, social family. We have a big focus on fun in and out of Azeroth. We care about our members, and want our members to succeed while still having fun!

We host community events such as fun contests, leveling groups, crazy mythics/dungeons/raids and more!

Raid schedule: Friday/Saturday evenings 7:30pm EST start time. We’re starting with Normal, and our goal is to clear Heroic for our AoTC. We learn together as a raid team. We are looking for people who are helpful and will be patient.
In high demand:

Mythic Mondays!
Holiday Events!
If you would like more information, have any interest or have any questions please reach out to me on here, battle.net or discord.

Real ID: Kiua#1912
Discord: Kiuayoukai#2395

Hey, would you be interested in joining us?

Looking forward to hearing from you!