Looking for a guild

Hi WRA forums.

I don’t know how many people read this, nor do I even want to take a guess how many guilds are here but i’m going to post something I may regret later, here.

So where to begin… i’ve been playing WoW since about Vanilla. I play off and on, i’m not a hard core raider and in fact i’ve never even thought about getting into a raiding guild. I want to roleplay, game, and generally have fun while playing this game as a whole. The only problem with all of this is I do not get into the idea of a guild that requires me to answer an entire page of information about me that … man I hate it. I just can’t stand it. It really gets me anxious and in truth I already have a job man, I don’t feel the need to fill out another application to find a group of people who I just want to learn from and have fun with.

I roleplay as a blood elf blood knight who was a part of a house minor that fell apart due to the actions of a father who ended up being a traitor to the Horde. The taint stuck, forced the daughter to go to the Alliance in the way of becoming Ren’dorei and the son to bear the weight of his fathers sins. At this point, i’m looking for a group of people I can play with, roleplay with sometime, and just generally hang out with. I have no friends in this game, none. I get nervous around people and don’t know how to socialize, but I wanna try man. I’m not absolutely anti-social, I am outgoing and stuff I just don’t know how to deal with ‘people’. Does that make sense? I dunno.

I’m not hateful, racist, off-putting or whatever, I just DON’T know how to talk to others. This post here is super hard because when you grow up with low self esteem this is what happens. You become sullen, nervous, shy, you don’t talk to people… it sucks man, it really does.

Anyways, enough feeling sorry for myself. I play as Kelevin, who for some reason isn’t on this character list even though he’s been around a few months, not sure how that works. As of typing this i’m sitting in the darkmoon faire going round and round on a ride because I am only level 62 and a retribution paladin. I don’t know anything about end game, I don’t have anything higher then 110… i’m an old man IRL and … I dunno what else to put here. I am looking for a blood elf RP guild mainly so I can be around other Blood Elves who RP and… christ i’m bad at this hahaha. I’m done, I can’t type anymore. Thanks for reading


Introvertedness can definitely be a drain. I’m an ambivert myself. Don’t worry you did well with this post and your character sounds pretty interesting. My experience with this server is most people are nice and you’d be surprised how many people have come out of a similar shell as you have right now because of the right group of folks. Good luck on your guild hunt. I’m also looking for one when I get the time.


Thanks, the worst part about putting something up is not knowing where to start. The worst part is when you have no idea if you’re being awkward haha. But I appreciate it.

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Would it be okay if I sent you an in-game message? I’m a bit forum shy… lol

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If you haven’t found a guild yet, feel free to check this out!

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Sure. I tend to be a lot more outgoing in whispers then in direct message. I just don’t initiate very well at all.