Looking for a guild

I’m Grat’ka.

I’m looking for an orc heavy roleplaying guild on Wyrmrest Accord but at this point i’d go with a more traditional Horde guild. No specialty guild, I don’t want to be a bar tender or a barista or a saleswoman, I want to be an orc in a pro-Horde guild. I have been playing about a month now and this is my main character. Yes, I have other characters, five of them to be exact. No, I don’t think I will ever play those characters again because they were literally all steps on a ladder to get to me getting Mag’har unlocked and making this character.

I play World of Warcraft quite a bit. I play from when I get home from work to when I go to bed at night because life outside is sad and stupid and I prefer to at least be able to immerse myself in an environment that doesn’t piss me off. I want to find friends in this game and people I can talk to outside of game. I found the WRA RP Social Hub (Much love to everyone there, you guys have kept me happy and feeling welcome since I joined) and I have three people on my friends list, they don’t talk much except random pokes.

I want to find a guild of people who appreciate me and that I can feel welcome to be around. I absolutely do not want to join a guild that i’m just a number in the guild roster and i’ll be quickly swept away. I’ve seen those guilds, they’re annoying and while I won’t say guild names, i’m sure if you have an unguilded alt you know who they are. Right now, I do PvE and I want to get into roleplaying. I REALLY want to get into roleplaying but I don’t know how, nor do I know what is considered good RP for being an orc. So, this is me reaching out into the world and hoping to find a guild because I have tried in game and it’s just not happening.

You can find me on Gratka, i’ll probably be on. I have no social life :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you.


First off, welcome to the party!

The first place I can think of to look would be the Horde Guild Directory.

And you’ve got a lot of options. Off the top of my head, there’s Southfury Watch, Sons of Varok, Scarred Blade Clan, Gorantha Warband (spelling?). All of them are moderate sized guilds where I’m sure you’ll find people eager to help.

It can be a bit harder to find because for obvious reasons, these types of RP’ers don’t spend much time in the city being social or hosting/attending large social gatherings. The few events I know of that would be best are the Spring Kosh’harg coming up in a few months, and the newly founded fighting pit event. Not sure when the next one is, but feel free to check out the thread and join the Discord.

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Red Wolves is recruiting somes 18+ and mature players. We are around 10 members. We are a little bit PvE but RP oriented for the most. We have a event planned for this saturday at 1AM EST time. We are active after midnight EST time. We accept 1 alt per player. We got a Discord.

Our RP backstory is a wolfpack thats’ look to help Horde citizen in need. We might get it better through. We look for Orcs mostly but we accept every races.

You can Whisper me(Gunghar) around midnight. I’m usually on around midnight. Hope to have you in!