Looking for a Guild!

Hello, Wyrmrest Accord!

I’m Chase, and I play a Tauren Druid named Nocclia on this fine server. I’ve recently returned to WoW after not playing for… God knows how many years. I don’t remember much of anything so I may as well be a fresh newbie!

I’ve been having fun questing around the zones, but I can’t help but feel a little lost sometimes. I’d love to find a Guild or group I can play and learn with–games like this are meant to be social after all!

I’m still really new but I do love to RP in other games I’ve played, so that’s something I’d love to check out once I’m better established.

If anyone can recommend any Guilds or Communities that I can join please let me know. Thanks so much for reading, cheers!


WrA Information & Directories (Guilds | Communities | Events) This directory should be able to help you! It has a list of awesome Horde-side guilds with brief summaries about each of them, including the kind of content they participate in! There’s a lot of friendly and patient folk on the server who I know will be happy to have you! Welcome back to the game, and I hope you have a great time here!

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In addition to checking out the above link, you might want to head down to the Valley of Honor to try and get a feel for walk up RP. It may not necessarily lead to any long term RP contacts/stories, but it’s good practice for improvisation and learning the “rules” .

The following addons are also useful.

Additionally, there’s a lot of activity on various public media platforms. I’d say that Discord/Tumblr/Twitter are a better way of keeping up with RP events than the forums are. Just type “Wyrmrest Accord” or “Wyrmrest Accord RP” and you should find them.

If you’re on Discord, feel free to add me Tamani#2391 and I can point you at a couple of channels as well.