Looking for a early morning/mid afternoon guild


Good day to you,

Looking for a Guild that runs mythic + and or dungeons early morning to early afternoons. Can contact npepper#1391

Thank you


Good morning Npepper. Not sure of the times you speak, but the guild I am in is Called Morning Mayhem. We are an Alliance guild on Stormrage and our raid times are 0930 am EST to 1200 EST. We raid W/Th/F. We also run M+ shortly after raid, on weekends and on mondays. If this interest you please contact me. My B-tag is Caladin#1631. Thank you and happy hunting



Thanks for returning my inquiry, I am not much of a raider these days def couldn’t on a Friday because unfortunately I do work mornings those days. I mainly like to run the mythics due to family obligations makes it easier. I used to be on storm rage a year ago