Looking for a casual raiding/m+ guild

250 (at time of posting) frost mage looking for a casual raiding guild that dabbles in m+. Currently an alt but will potentially be a main when my horde main achieves aotc and that guild slows down. Main is 2600+ io prot pally but wanted a little change of pace. Though I do also have a prot pally on alliance side that is capable of tanking +15’s should the need arise.

A small group of friends may also want to join with me. All very capable players. So if your guild would have room for 5+ players that would be even better. If you think your guild fits this description please respond here or add me via b.net. Hiraiyuki#1502

hey bud i sent you a request. I would love to take the chance to chat with you about you and your buddies

hi incase you are interested, here is our information!