Look what Method wrote about shadow priests how bad we are because blizzard hates us

First impressions 10.2

Shadow is in a very tough spot in 10.2 since Blizzard kept overnerfing the spec because of how it was doing in Mythic+ during Season 2. Some might say warranted, others might say that they overdid it. I’m somewhere in the middle of that.Yes, we were too strong at the start of the Season, but after the first few nerfs, damage was no longer the reason why Shadow was brought to every key in the so called “Godcomp”. It was the mandatory utility it brought with Mass Dispel, Power Infusion, Mind Soothe etc. Together with a much needed prio-damage profile. But they kept nerfing the damage over and over again in hopes to break up the meta.Now in 10.2, we are keeping all of the nerfs that we got, but they also nerfed all the utility that we told them was the issue. So we are just left here, with nothing left, no AoE damage, no utility, no purpose.

With the loss of T30 Tier Set, apparitions and Yogg’saron is also left in the dirt, since it was only being kept alive because of the tier set. The continuous nerfs to the base spec has just left it holding on for dear life, and it really showed this PTR cycle where we were actually really strong at the start, because the new Tier Set was very strong. But now that we are close to release, even that has received nerfs over and over again, so we are left in a position where we kinda don’t do anything really good. We are bottom 3-5 in Single Target, and dead on arrival in Mythic+


I’m curious, because I’ve seen a few spriests part of groups clearing 20s in the first week still at the same iL as last season. If we kept T30 equipped and upgraded everything else, is it possible to do more if not equal dps as having T31 equipped? Or is the iL difference that much regardless of the set bonuses.


You’d do roughly equal AoE dps and bomb out hard on single target until the tier set was mythic, then the T31 would catch up.

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I’m not exactly falling into the whole “shadow only sux cause mass dispel” got nerfed crowd. In late S1 after the MDI: Shadow became more popular because of the giga VE healing and also high AOE damage.

At S2 start Shadow was in the top 3 for overall AOE damage well before the god comp stuff came out. Part of the reason why it fit into the god comp was because the stars aligned: high aoe dmg, pi, mass dispel, mind soothe, etc.

With S3: Shadow is worse off simply because its only saving graces were nerfed to the ground. AOE damage, group healing, utility, etc. Disc ends up being the meta Priest spec simply because it provides the same utility as Shadow and fits into the comps for the PI + Mind Soothe.

Guilds are stacking 2x Disc Priest in raid because their ramp hps is busted and they also nerfed Holy Priests.

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I am just not a healer. I enjoyed doing damage with my Priest, and it was fun playing it. But the fun is gone now.