Look at how many RDF posts

That you choose to ignore because you are catering to RMT and boosters. Keep pretending that you not disconnected


RMT is one of the core social pillars of classic


5 people posting the same thing every day isnt a very good metric. this forum isnt even a very good metric. this forum is HIGHLY polarized towards the lazy.

the best metric is random polling. GMs actually going onto the game, and whispering 70s at random what their thoughts are.


Lmfao. They don’t do that. They made the no RDF decision from a survey about vanilla. Meanwhile 4 years later we want OG wrath not wrath with some changes.

Cute how PVPrs get to teleport and they are still social. Hypocritical Andy’s


i didnt say they did? I said that’s what they would have to do.

ANYONE with an active account can post on these forums. including people who just love to start drama / retail trolls who don’t even play the game. its a bad metric to gage the opinion of the actual playerbase.


That’s what I’ve been saying the whole time. Either you stick to original, or overhaul the whole damn thing.

you are one good clown if you think pvp and pve q are comparable

Nobody cares to come to some random forum to waste their time making posts. The people upset are the people that want OG wrath.

Wintergrasp as a bg violated their non RDF reasoning. So did boosts. So does PvP queung from the city.

Make up all the excuses you want. They are FOS with their excuses.


So who should they listen to?

i already said… they should go into the game… and whisper people at random… get like… 2-3 interns to just whisper people nonstop for 6 hours and jot down their answer. don’t send them a link. just get a verbal response to a question like…

"hello gamer, im #### from blizzard, what would you like to have in wrath? (1. no dungeon finder), (2. cross-realm dungeon finder), (3. non-cross-realm dungeon finder).

Or something along those lines… and they would get an ACTUAL representation of the playerbase. forums… this one… reddit… ANY forum becomes too polarized and hosting polls on them is dumb.

go straight to the source.

Pvp and PVE are not the same ur right. So therefore you should be allowed to not abide by the same pillars as pvers by not forming your own group and being able to teleport. Good logic.

It’s not the same 5 people though. The only repeat posters are the ones that appear to derail discussions on why RDF is good and GDKPs are bad.


It’s almost as if alt avatars don’t exist. There’s definitely more than 5 posting, i’ll give them that, but there is most definitely people posting pro-rdf threads on alt avatars.
Same can be said for anti-rdf threads im sure.
Either way, blizzard have already responded. There will be no rdf in classic wrath. May as well just accept it and move on.

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Like a lot of things IRL.

Upset people are more vocal. Why would you complain if you’re fine (or don’t care) with something ?

So, yeah, you’ll see more “Pro-RDF” on this forum than players who are fine or don’t care about this change.


Touch grass…

Having RDF would make this the de facto best way to play Wrath. As much as I love Classic’s engine compared to PServers and many of the listed changes, in a state without RDF (At least saying it is NEVER coming) it will simply have an issue retaining players and people will return to the servers that do have RDF (Warmane)

No RDF really does support boosting… and since Blizzard killed the cheap kind via gold, we’re left with the expensive $$ Blizzard shop one.

A survey about vanilla that was never representative of the actual classic community(or even the vanilla community) in the first place. CRBG’s were obviously very popular in vanilla and RDF was extremely popular in wrath when it came out. Not to mention all the other QoL improvements that most people back in the day very much did like.

It’ll just maintain the raid logging meta that exists today. People will play less alts, they’ll play less dungeons on their main.

Wrath of the Rich King?