Long Time Player LF M+ and Raiding Guild <Mage>

Hello, I am looking for a M+ and Raiding guild. I play a Frost Mage, my item level is 429 with 4 piece. I am 9/9 N and 8/9 H. I do not mind stepping back into progression for the right guild. The server I play on does not matter but I will stay on the alliance side but with cross faction guilds that should not be an issue. Raid days must be Tues and Wed. I would like to raid for 4 to 5 hours a week starting around 7 Central/8 Eastern.

I have achieved AOTC many times through out my wow career with some Mythic bosses mixed in. I am not looking for nothing hardcore, just a fun team to raid with and do some keys. I always come prepared for raid and in the game at the stone 10 minutes prior to raid time.

If I sound like a good fit, you can reach me at livelife#11793. I would like to raid a cpl times before I join. I do have server transfers ready to go for the right guild.

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Hey there! it sounds like we’d be a great fit. Song of the Blade is located on Illidan, and is Horde ( but that shouldn’t matter much). We raid Tues/Wed from 8-10 CST. Guild is currently 9/9H and is seeking some more dps to push mythic in a casual fashion. We also do decent keys in multiple groups.

We are looking for a second mage and are at your same progression level. I am going to leave our guild blurb below and if sounds like something you might like give me a yell in game or discord :slight_smile:


Feral Tendencies could be purrfect for you

We are a late night AoTC raiding guild on Proudmoore. We also have many social members and just love to run keys most non raid nights.

We storm the castles 8:30-10:30pm PST on Wed /Thur. 8/9H currently.

What we do

Sshhh, it’s a secret.

  • Raid with our friends.
  • Keys - lots of keys, these guys might be obsessed.
  • Shenanigans! Sarcasm and jokes are our love language.
  • Help with logs, builds, gearing, learning raids and dungeons.
  • Share pics of our furry overlords.
  • Lots of cat videos.

What we want

We are welcoming to all.

  • New players wanting to learn.
  • Returning players catching up on what they missed in the last expansions.
  • Tag along family members who just want to hang and be social.
  • Like minded people who enjoy the game and want to have fun doing it.

We are adults with lives, jobs, and/or kids so we respect your time and that things might come up from time to time.

What we need

Catnip, lots of catnip.

Looking for a Healer, Mage, Druid, DH

How to reach us

Get a laser pointer and shoot.

Reply here or find me on:
Discord: Vellsong#2067
Battlenet: Prettykitty#1597
(yes that is what I get for letting the husband set up my account:)

you could be a great fit for our guild i put our information below

Hello Tnass!

We are Seventies Slasher Film, which is a guild of ex-hardcore players looking to fill our raid for mythic and pushing for CE. We have several previous CE raiders including our raid lead. We are a chill group simply looking to progress at a decent pace in a fun low-stress environment. If this sounds like it might be a good fit then reach out to:



Currently Recruiting:



Priority on:

Flex Shaman

We look forward to hearing from you and we wish you the best of luck in your endeavors in Azeroth!

Guild & Server: <Âscension> Area-52
Raid Times/Days: Tuesdays/Thursdays | 8pm - 10:30 PM EST (Server Time)
Current Progression: 9/9N 2/9H ATSC
Recruitment Contacts: @Raemyn - Area 52 [H] or Raemynn (discord)
Role Needs: Healers, Tanks, and DPS!

Hi there! We are seeking 6 raid permanent weekly raid members. We are in need of one healer (preferably resto shammy or druid) one ranged DPS and 4 Melee DPS. Chill group of friends looking for a less casual experience. The goal is to go AOTC… and beyond :slight_smile:

I can appreciate that you’re likely looking for the right group of people, and I encourage our potential new members if they’re interested in joining to informally “trial” with us. Joining discord, join comms, get into Raid/Keys with our people, etc. This gives both you a chance to get to know our people and as well as our people to get to know you and make sure everyone jives :slight_smile:

As for the raid team, we are working through heroic after a recent server/faction change. (long story, the core of us have gamed together for 6 months in a more casual guild and decided to join Horde where there is a larger player base and statistically performs better as a result). We have 3 of us that run the raid team, all familiar with encounters for explanations, call outs, etc. We are happy to help folks progress, but our raid team does have a certain amount of character/encounter preparation that we expect in order to successfully progress. After the informal “trial” period (typically 2-3 weeks) it is preferred to get everyone on server (Area 52) and in Guild. Because of this, we are definitely open to you checking us out before committing to making that move.

And of course as always, toxic bad, drama bad, chill vibes good! If you’re an active player and this sounds like something you would like to hear more about, hit me up Discord: Raemynn

Be Well!

Hey there, I think we may potentially be a great fit! We raid Tues/Weds from 7:30-10:30 est and we’d love to have another reliable Mage on our roster! No rush on transferring either, with cross-realm raiding we absolutely don’t require it. I’ll send over a btag request but wanted to leave more of our info here as well!
Chaotic Neutral is a long-established semi-hardcore guild located on Alliance Turalyon that has been around since TBC! While we aren’t a hardcore CE push guild we do like to push as far as we can into mythic with a relaxed and chill raid environment, we’re a guild that prefers to have fun than get angry about progress.

We raid Tues/Weds from 7:30-10:30 pm EST with an optional Saturday extra prog/alt night in the same time frame if we have the people. If you’d like more info on our previous progress please visit our WoWProg page, for our loot rules please visit our forum post. All we ask of raiders is to research fights and research your own class so you can play to the best of your ability!
We’re currently 9/9H & 1/9M Aberrus!
We also have members who love running all levels of keys, and would be happy to bring more people along!

I’ll leave all our additional info below that I recommend checking out, but if you’re interested then please add my btag or discord to get in contact or put in an app on our guild site, hope to hear from you and if not then good luck on your search! :wave:
Guild Site: http://www.cnguild.org/
Forum Post: [A][Turalyon] - 8/8H & 3/8M | Recruiting for Dragonflight! Class Needs updated!
Guilds of WoW Page: https://guildsofwow.com/chaotic-neutral
WoW Progress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/turalyon/Chaotic+Neutral
Recruitment Contacts: Btag - GingerHeals#11438 | Discord - Sulveris#2701