Lol you nerds have no clue

original wow…bronzebeard server. . guild of nothing but pallys completed every single dungeon, raid, world boss, dragons , etc…if it was in game they did it just to prove that 1 class can do it all. so you can take this “meta” bullpoop and "only certain classes are viable " bullpoop and serisously just stop talking about things you have no idea of what yall are talking about…15 years ago 40 pallys, 20 pallys, 10 pallys completed every single thing that wow had to offer…


I’m 100% sure they didn’t do naxx with 40 pallies

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nax wasnt out when this was accomplished

Then they didnt clear the entire content with 40 pallies, I’m sure all they did was MC and onyxia


nax wasnt there…how could they complete somthing that didnt exsist?

So they completed the easy content that everyone knew was easy?


all im saying is the hardest of the hard that wow had to offer at release was all completed by just groups of pallys…that should tell you somthing…and sorry boss nothing was easy when game first launched bud

Man your guild must of sucked if you found MC hard

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Really? That’s cool. Oh wait…


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of course it was hard…there was no bis…there were greens and blues mix gear and nobody knew the game yet it was doing it for first time.


You know the first classic MC was done with players with greens and even had sub LVL 60s right?

exactly and it was hard for first few runs cause nobody knew any boss mechanics or anything…basically going in blind

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Didnt people in classic do MC with 40 druids?

So are you comparing today’s game with vanilla 15 years ago? Or classic in which rag was downed in like 5 days by abunch of dudes in greens with a few sub LVL 60s?

what im saying is , is just 1 class cleared all content wow had to offer at that time…no meta. they proved that you dont have to have the ideal 40 man squad of x amount of x classes specd x amount of ways…they did it with just 1 class and 3 specs…all of wow was completed by just 1 class…what other class can do that?

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By the time 20-mans were released, I believe BWL was already out.

You’re saying 40 pallys did BWL?

What you’re saying basically isn’t relevant to anything haha. Today’s MC was downed in 5 days but under lvl 60s. The game is easy. The meta stacking is for later raids and has been the same stale meta for the last decade.

All content in the first phase by pallies was impressive in vanilla. But now it’s not, and almost 99% of guilds follow the meta to a tee which is why we need other classes to be viable.

The fact that 15 years ago some pallies downed MC has nothing to do with anything.

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they did everything the game had to offer at that time

It’s absurd how easily people are baited.

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40 shamans did mc in classic mc is a joke LOL

Come back to me when 40 paladins do naxx