< LökTar >[H] 3/8M experienced guild LF ranged and melee

Modern day raiding is expensive, and to help cover costs LökTar has a hand-knit line of armor cozies on Etsy; we are also listed on Kickstarter with a 2 million dollar initial goal.

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The cozies can also be used as pot holders and to warm a cold pet.

I may not be a shaman, druid, or paladin; but would a 437 MW suffice? Feel free to hmu: Giggleboots#11641

LökTar believes in fostering a sense of global harmony. All of LökTar potions and flasks are made from FAIR TRADE herbs with the proceeds from the sales donated to the Orgrimmar orphanage.


LFM Ranged DPS for Mythic EP!

Looking for ranged for mythic ep

As a collaborating collective we are sensitive to our enviroment and require all guild members buy carbon credits before entering dungeons and raids. What’s YOUR carbon footprint?

Updated post with our guild needs. RANGED RANGED RANGED

Still looking for ranged, mythic progression inc.

Still looking for more ranged for mythic EP progression

Guild losing steam after Classic launch? Not ours! We’re headed to Mythic EP. Join us!

Updated with guild needs, some melee spots open

LFM DPS needed!

Having a bad raid night? LökTar offers in-game professional crisis counselors available 24/7 to help overcome fear, anxiety, and performance issues.

Looking for more melee and ranged dps

LökTar requires all raid members log in two hours before raid time for a group Anusaara Yoga session.

Looking for ranged and melee dps for mythic

LökTar believes in low impact raiding. To that end, we look beyond “goals” and redefine success as joy and chaos.

Up you go.

Up again. :smile: