< LökTar >[H] 3/8M experienced guild LF ranged and melee

Azshara is down! get it while the gettin’s good!

Looking for ranged and healers

Our search for ranged DPS continues!

wtb hunter , mage , warlock , or any Excellent dps

Join us for Mythic EP!

Looking for ranged

Updated with our guild needs and our deepest desires

Still looking for ranged heading into mythic EP

Don’t let people moving to classic get you down! Join us for Mythic EP!

Ranged and some melee positions available

Have you recently lost half of your guild to Classic? We’re still here and will welcome you with open arms!

Recruiting ranged and melee dps

LFM DPS. Join us for Mythic EP.

Progressing into mythic progression, melee and ranged dps needed

Need those deeps! Join us for mythic EP!

Let’s do this thing!

Finna go ooga booga in mythic

These peeps are pretty good at video games. Likely to make your dps parses better by standing next to them.

So very proud of our team! We’re on our way to Mythic EP … join us the journey

don’t forget to bring a towel!