Logic Loop of Recursion

I have the Overclocking Bit Band, and have been trying to get get the Logic Loop of Division. However, it will not drop but twice now I have gotten Logic Loop if Recursion (first on I just gave away). Is it that big of a dps gap between the two Logic Loop rings, or is not a big game changer to just use Recursion?

It’s a small dps increase, but nothing you’ll really write home about.
If you happen to get the set effects, yeah, throw it on.
But I wouldn’t fret about it too much.
That’s a high end optimization that you won’t see insane value on.
Think of it more as a bonus, and less of a necessity.

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I was farming for Division until I stopped and began to wonder why it’s considered BiS over Recursion. You’re not always going to be behind the target, but you’re always going to be using three different abilities (not specifically attacks) against an enemy, and they don’t have to be consecutive.

Surv and especially BM will get more value out of recursion than MM. Division is good because it’s less “being behind” and more “not being in front.” It’s something like a 270 degree arc, and being behind mobs is good practice anyway.